"'He Came to My Room and Started Crying": Janhvi Kapoor on Dad Boney's Reaction to 'Dhadak'

"'He Came to My Room and Started Crying": Janhvi Kapoor on Dad Boney's Reaction to 'Dhadak'

Rumours are rife that proud dad Boney might be producing Janhvi Kapoor's next film
"'He Came to My Room and Started Crying": Janhvi Kapoor on Dad Boney's Reaction to 'Dhadak'
Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor is on cloud nine. And why not, considering she has passed the litmust test with her debut movie Dhadak winning the praise of both, critics and the masses. The film is a hit and audiences are appreciating Janhvi and Ishan's chemistry and acting chops.

Incidentally, Boney Kapoor’s original  plan was to launch his daughter Janhvi in a home production. But  Sridevi apparently felt it was  inappropriate for her parents’ to launch her  child’s career. So the alternative  plan was to let Janhvi be launched in an outside production .

Now that  she has been launched in Dhadak it’s time serve up a home production for Janhvi.  Though there is nothing official about  it yet, one hears Boney Kapoor is seriously  looking  for a script that would   do  justice his daughter’s  presence. Though nothing  is  confirmed yet a friend of  Boney Kapoor revealed, “It would be  a role very different from  the one  Janhvi has done in  Dhadak. Hopefully something  very glamorous. Boney is known to spend  money over his family films like water. The original  Telugu versions of  Sridevi’s Judaai  and Arjun Kapoor’s  Tevar  were made  at a measly Rs5-8 crores.  Boney spent close to Rs 45 crores on each  of the two Hindi remakes. Janhvi’s  film for her  home production would be as lavish as her mother's Mr India.

While the last word is not yet out on her next move, Janhvi is basking in the appreciation. Talking to a leading daily, the actress revealed how her family reacted after watching her on screen for the first time, adding it was an emotional time for both Boney and her sister Khushi. “The love has been overwhelming," Janhvi has been quoted as saying. "More than anything else, it feels good to know that we’ve moved people with this message that we were trying to convey. I’m just happy about any form of acceptance, so I have a chance to work more and do better at what I love. To see my father, Shashank (Khaitan) and Karan (Johar) feeling so proud and happy means the world to me”.

She revealed what happened the night both Khushi and Boney watched Dhadak and said, “Khushi was crying… She looked at me and said, ‘Why are you worrying?’ and then started crying again. Papa actually saw the film a month ago, and as soon as the screening was over, he went to the temple. That night he came to my room and held me tight and started crying”.