See Dubai At The Click of a Button

The interactive website launched last month offers a unique to way to see the city.
See Dubai At The Click of a Button

Dubai’s first interactive virtual tour is here and this is exciting news as this is the coolest panoramic view of the city that you’ll ever see. A website called Dubai 360 is offering residents, tourists and Dubai lovers a wonderfully interactive view of the city that includes time-lapse, video content and actual views of all the hot spots around town. So, it’s literally like having an interactive tour guide for 1300 locations across Dubai at the click of a button. We love how the idea and the use of new technology has enabled them to bring some of our favorite Dubai sights to life.

The problem with watching a video or viewing a picture of one of your favorite spots is that it does not give you any control over where you’re viewing from. The coolest part about this service is its ability to let the user decide where you want to go or what direction you want to look in. For example, if you look at the Burj Khalifa pinnacle panorama, it is made up of 50 separate images that are put together using software that analyses overlapping areas and works out how to stitch the frames together.’

Gerald Donovan, operations manager, describes how the website differs from Google Street View due to its view which is so much more than just a street view that Google offers. The site is already being accessed and liked by an array of users in different countries and that just goes to show that a good idea can really transform lives if it is coupled with technology and passionate efforts.