Hassan Ali and Wife Samiya Arzoo Share a Post Expressing the Power Of Love Above Borders

Hassan Ali and Wife Samiya Arzoo Share a Post Expressing the Power Of Love Above Borders

Hassan Ali, the Pakistani Cricketer, and Samiya Arzoo, the Indian engineer, got married in Dubai on August 20th 2019. The valima reception will take place in Pakistan.

Hassan Ali, the Pakistani bowler, is the fourth Pakistani Cricket celebrity to marry his Indian sweetheart. Despite the tensions between the two countries, Hassan Ali and his wife Samiya Arzoo proved that love is powerful enough to get away with bounders and barriers. Hassan Ali and Samiya Arzoo both have posted about their concept of love on their respective social media accounts. They posted their views with a wedding portrait where the two are looking away from the camera.

According to Hassan Ali’s tweet and Samiya Arzoo’s Instagram,

‘It is true that love has no boundaries or borders. Today we are so divided in colors that we have forgotten that our flags share the same color. We have covered money, caste, selfishness with the drape of our love. May God always keep it intact.’ (Translation)

‘Kisi ne sach hi kaha hai mohabat ki koi had koi sarhad nahi hoti.Aaj hum rango me itne bikhre hai,ye bhul gaye ki jo rang tere parchm me hai wo hi rang mere parchm me hai.Daulat,zaat,khudgarzi ko humne apni mohabat ki chadar se dhaka hai, khuda is chadar ko humesha salamat rakhna’

Hassan Ali and Samiya Arzoo are close to Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza

Due to almost similar circumstances, the new couple is very close to their seniors Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza who are one of the most successful examples of cross-border marriages. They invited the new couple for a post-wedding dinner.

Sania Mirza had also congratulated Hassan Ali in a light-hearted way when he announced his wedding.

Hassan Ali and Samiya Arzoo’s love story

Hassan Ali and Samiya Arzoo got married after a year-long romance. The two had met in Dubai where this love bloomed. Soon Hassan Ali knew that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of the life with. He proposed his lady love and got his family to meet Samiya. After their go-ahead, the wedding was instantly on cards. Samiya hails from Mewat in Haryana. She is an aeronautical engineer who studied both from Manav Rachna University and England.

The new couple was the talk of the town although Hassan Ali decided to stay quiet over it. According to him, he would not say anything until it was all official and finalized by the families.

‘Just wanna clarify my wedding is not confirmed yet, our families have yet to meet and decide upon it. Will make a public announcement soon inshallah.’

The wedding was later announced in a Press Conference where he mentioned that the couple will reside in Hassan’s hometown Gujranwala after the marriage.

The wedding happened in Dubai

Hassan Ali and Samiya Arzoo’s pre-wedding photoshoot at Kite Beach, Dubai was all over the internet. Samiya Arzoo wore a greyish-silver dress while Hassan Ali kept it smart casual with and black pants and shirt.

According to their official wedding photographer,

‘We were asked time and again to reveal and up close portrait, so here we are!

These two beautiful Human beings captured perfectly in a frame! This one is for all the HassanXSamiya fans out there!’

The wedding took place in The Atlantis, Dubai; the same city where their love story had bloomed.

The wedding was attended only by their close friends and family. Samiya Arzoo wore a traditional Indian red lehenga while Hassan Ali wore a black and maroon sherwani. According to Hassan Ali’s press conference, they will soon have a valima reception in Pakistan when all cricketers are in town. Although the two intend to stay permanently in Gujranwala, the couple is currently in Dubai enjoying their break.

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