Hassad, Episodes 13 & 14: Wildly Illogical and Regressive

Hassad, Episodes 13 & 14: Wildly Illogical and Regressive

In Minal Khan and Arij Fatyma’s “Hassad,” misogynistic views, regressive behaviours and illogical dialogues plague the script
Hassad, Episodes 13 & 14:  Wildly Illogical and Regressive

It’s difficult to write a logical, concise piece on Hassad at present and that’s for a very specific reason.  There is absolutely nothing logical about Hassad as a show.  This is a show that audiences are flocking to.  It’s bringing in the ratings.  The OST is somewhat of a craze, being recommended all over social media (not particularly sure why, but that’s a different topic).  And yet, Hassad is a show that depicts the absolute worst of society.  Scheming, lying, manipulations, affairs…..Hassad has it all, but leaves you with one ridiculous, burning question:  Who is the viewer supposed to root for exactly?

To date, Hassad has presented Naintara (Minal Khan) as quite the lost, sad, “bechaari” individual.  Losing her loving husband, her sister-in-law Zareen (Arij Fatyma) and mother in law (Saba Faisal) left no stone unturned to make Naintara feel lost and miserable with her new reality.  However, in episode 12, Zareen did the unthinkable – she accused her husband Farhan (Noor Hassan) of having an affair with Naintara and threatened to leave.  Much to Zari’s surprise, Farhan did not stop her and told her she was free to leave.  In protest, Zari refused to come back home – and it’s this move that destroyed her world.  However, is it logical?

Episodes 13 & 14 focus on one track and one track alone – Farhan’s marriage to Naintara.  Farhan and Naintara decide to get married so baby Arsalan will remain in the household and the “zaalim duniya” will stop pointing fingers at them.  That’s right, the solution to shutting up gossiping busy bodies accusing two people of having an affair is to.....prove them right!  Their “love story” with romantic scenes begins almost immediately, coming off as horribly uncomfortable, considering Naintara and Farhan’s relationship one day earlier.  Zari, fed up of her family, returns to the household and attempts to harm Arsalan after realizing what has happened.  Zari is removed and asked to stay away from the baby.  The episode continues with a yo-yo of Farhan jumping between wives and Zari spying on Farhan any time he leaves the room to check in on Naintara. 

A man must have permission from his first wife in order to marry a second.  While a lesser educated man may not understand this, a character like Farhan would be well aware of this fact.  Second, why didn’t Farhan inform Zareen of his actions?  A discussion, a phone call, an email, a text message to inform her would have been more kind.  How did he expect her to react exactly?  Unfortunately, Farhan’s marriage to Naintara is the ultimate betrayal for Zari and while viewers would agree that she’s a bit of a psychopath, in this particular episode, Zari won the viewer sympathy.  Particularly irritating is watching Zari being kicked out of her own room and being asked to stay in Naintara’s room, which has been set the exact way she likes it (according to Farhan) – where Naintara’s picture with Armaan remain plastered on the wall. 

What’s frustrating to watch is Naintara and her behavior.  When Armaan was alive, Naintara was an entirely different, independent person with a personality.  Since his death, she has been the poster child for “Who am I going to marry?” and “Let me just gather dust here in the corner.”  With no desires of her own, no voice to defend herself and this ultimately wayward decision to marry Farhan, Naintara has become a character that evokes feelings of disdain.  Why does Naintara need to get a job?  Why can’t a widow live in the same house as her brother-in-law when he’s married with a wife and his mother also lives there?  Why can’t Naintara get a job?  Why can’t Naintara use her education to provide for herself and her son?  Why can’t Naintara get herself on her own two feet and buy/rent herself a home within stones throw of Farhan and Zari’s home, so they can see baby Arsalan whenever they want?  The marriage angle of this episode really paints Naintara as a negative character, a woman who lost her own husband, so she steps on the toes of her sister-in-law and marries her husband instead.  There is not any amount of “Bechaari Naintara” that can paint this scenario as a appropriate, logical one.  The greatest problem with this show now remains fairly simple – who is the viewer supposed to root for?  Farhan is negative for lying to his wife and deceiving her.  Zari is negative, because…..well, she’s a psychopath.  Naintara is negative for stealing another woman’s husband.  Is there a love angle here that can be cheered on?  And if not, what’s the reason for continuing to watch this show?  

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