Hassad Comes To An End – But What Is The Takeaway?
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Hassad Comes To An End – But What Is The Takeaway?

This Minal Khan, Noor Hassan and Arij Fatyma starrer, which has been topping the TRP charts, airs its final episode

ARY has been raking in the ratings.  “Hassad” has been leading in terms of TRPs and has an impressive fan following.  The story also has a talented star cast – but one is actually left wondering what made them sign this show?  With the exception of Arij Fatyma, who has the best role by far and is doing an impressive job of acting, the rest of the cast has little place to shine in their roles, mostly because their roles are illogical.  The final episode has finally aired and “Hassad” has come to a close.  But what is the viewer left with at the conclusion?

Zari (Arij Fatyma) is exposed when Farhan (Noor Hassan) finds acid in her bag.  Zari has slowly been losing her sanity and, in the scuffle, she manages to throw the acid at Naintara (Minal Khan).  Naintara’s blood pressure rises and she loses her unborn child.  While Naintara spends time in the hospital recovering, Farhan sees the loss of his child as the final nail in the coffin and refuses to keep Zari in his home.  While his mother-in-law (Nida Mumtaz) does her best to convince Farhan to forgive her, stating that she has lost her sanity, he is convinced that Zari is putting on an act and will return to normal in a handful of days.  Naintara returns home after recovering while Zari progressively gets worse, losing her mental stability.  Farhan continues to provide for Zari, but has cut off all relations with her.  While Kashi and her mother care for her, remaining loyal to her and refusing to send her to an institution, Naintara and Farhan find happiness together.

The basic problem with a story like “Hassad” is simple:  what is the message?  What is the audience supposed to take away from this?  Let’s map this out.  Zari is jealous of Naintara – abnormally so.  Yes, this is illogical and Zari is not a good human being.  However, she has a loving husband, Farhan, who is not overly affectionate or expressive – but he is hers, right?  Zari is unable to conceive, but Naintara is pregnant.  Naintara’s husband dies.  Zari sees this as the perfect opportunity to extract a strange sort of revenge and basically becomes Naintara’s worst nightmare.  OK, get on your own two feet, Naintara.  Instead, Naintara does the unthinkable – she confirms all of Zari’s fears and marries Farhan “for the sake of her child.”  She not only marries him, but she marries Farhan without Zari’s knowledge.  Zari literally walks into Farhan and Naintara’s nikkah after it has been signed, sealed and delivered.  Again, this is not absolving Zari of any wrongdoing – she is not a good human being and has psychopathic tendencies.  This is, however, highlighting the fact that Naintara and Farhan actually perpetuated Zari’s feelings, fed her insecurities and isolated her from her own life.  Post-marriage, Farhan prefers Naintara at every turn, actually ignoring Zari and making her feel inferior to his new wife.  Why did Naintara lose her sanity?  Well, this is probably why.

Viewers are lapping up this story, but it’s unfathomable why?  Is this the quality of storytelling that we have become used to as a society – a story that inflicts torture upon torture on women?  A story that basically says that a woman deserves to be punished for her bad behavior?  What about Farhan and his bad behavior – where is his punishment?  Given, Farhan didn’t wish ill on anyone, didn’t try to kill anyone or throw acid on anyone, but he committed his own share of wrongs.  Again, this is not an endorsement of Zari’s behavior, but it is saying that Zari wanted loyalty from her husband and, in an odd way, her actions were a reaction because she was not getting what she needed.  Naintara is an entirely different issue.  Portrayed as this sweet and innocent character, Naintara represents something fairly unattractive – stand up on your own two feet and do not steal another woman’s husband just because you cannot take care of yourself.  It’s actually that simple.

In the end, Naintara is left with a baby, a husband and a loving mother-in-law, happy in her family unit.  What did she do to deserve it?  Well, she was a victim, of course.  That’s what she did.  Zari, on the other hand, is left without an iota of sanity and is being given her “punishment” from God for all her wrong-doings.  Well, that’s not how divine retribution works.  Many bad people do not suffer in this lifetime and many good people experience unfair hardships.  The very message of this show is wrong, because quite honestly, no one in this show did anything that would make them “good” and make Zari “bad.”  They were all bad.  They all twisted relationships for their own satisfaction.  Unfortunately, “Hassad” is a show that is better left forgotten.  And it is being erased from memory in 1…..2……3…….*DELETE*

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By Sophia Qureshi
Pakistani Drama enthusiast, Bollywood fan, elementary school teacher, writer, reader, photographer, lifelong student and mother