Hasan Minhaj Requests Congress to Eradicate Student Debt Loan Crisis

Hasan Minhaj Requests Congress to Eradicate Student Debt Loan Crisis

Hasan Minhaj told Congress that because of student loan debt crisis, people are asking celebrities to help pay it off

Indian-American comedian Hasan Minhaj has garnered a huge name for himself across the world, in a short amount of time. His latest venture on Netflix, Patriot Act is being viewed by millions globally and has become one of the most watched shows on the digital platform. The comedian covers a wide range of subjects on his show which sometimes, lands him in a lot of trouble. His episode on Indian elections received a lot of flak and Indian political party, Shiv Sena, asked for legal action to be taken against the show. Patriot Act's episode on the Saudi government was also removed from the platform in Saudi Arabia as it mocked the Kingdom's Crown Prince.

While Hasan and his show might have been embroiled in many controversies, he has also used his fame to bring about a change in society. The 33-year-old was recently at the House Financial Services Committee hearing where he called out the American Congress to address the student loan debt crisis in the country. "This issue is sidelining millions of Americans. People are putting off marriage, kids, homeownership and retirement — especially my generation. Many borrowers are still treated like deadbeats because the government has put their financial futures in the hands of predatory, for-profit loan servicing companies."

Speaking in depth about the issue, the comedian then shared that these desperate students then turn to their favourite stars to help them pay off their debt. He continued, "They're not even asking for selfies anymore. Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Even her fans have gone up to her and asked if she would pay off her student loans. That's how desperate student borrowers are." Hasan has also touched up on the subject of student loan debt crisis on one of Patriot Act's episode. Upon surveying his audience of about 200 people, he found out that they owed more than $6 million in student loans combined.

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