Happy Birthday Rishi Kapoor: As He Turns 67, We Look Back at His Best Romantic Roles Of All Time
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Happy Birthday Rishi Kapoor: As He Turns 67, We Look Back at His Best Romantic Roles Of All Time

Rishi Kapoor is a force to be reckoned with. In his heydays, every actress wanted to romance him in a project and every filmmaker wanted to cast him

Rishi Kapoor is a force to be reckoned with. While he has played a bevy of roles during his lifetime, there is no one who can do romance like him, with utmost perfection. While he may be getting old now, in fact one year older today as he celebrates his 67th birthday, there was a time when every actress wanted to romance him in a project and every filmmaker wanted to cast him. Chintu Kapoor was the most romantic hero in his heydays. However, his real-life ladylove Neetu Kapoor was the one starlet who bagged several roles opposite him even before they tied the knot. On his special day, let’s take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing his best romantic roles to date.

1. Bobby

Character: Raj

Rishi Kapoor made waves with his performance in the film helmed by his father Raj Kapoor. While many speculated the 1973 project was made to launch Rishi’s career in Indian cinema, the veteran actor informed otherwise. According to him, it was to pay the debts of Mera Naam Joker. While Raj initially wanted to rope in Rajesh Khanna for the role, he did not have money to rope him in Bobby. And so Rishi starred in the film and won audiences over with his romantic role. Women drooled over his role of Raj Nath. The teenage love story paved way for Rishi’s sizzling chemistry with Dimple Kapadia as they both set cinema screens ablaze. Rishi even won the Filmfare award for Best Actor.

2. Kabhie Kabhie

Character: Vicky

While Amitabh Bachchan shared a crackling chemistry with his yesteryear co-star Rakhee Gulzar, the 1976 film actually roared at the box office, courtesy the love story of Rishi and his now wife Neetu Singh, who played Pinky in the film. Vikram, who was head over heels for Pinky, was the perfect boyfriend any girl could wish for. He did not leave her when she needed during her tough times and he went against all odds just to be with her. Rishi and Neetu’s romance was as beautiful as it is in real-life.

3. Amar Akbar Anthony

Character: Akbar

Even though he and Neetu became more known through Vicky, the power couple got their biggest breakthrough via this 1977 film. While Vinod Khanna and Amitabh may have received more praises from the audiences, it was Rishi and Neetu’s link-up yet again that set the motion for just the right amount of drama, comedy and romance. Rishi’s avatar of Akbar was a stubborn young man who understood that his love's (Neetu) father will make it difficult for them to be together. He resorted to ways like singing outside Neetu’s home and openly confessing his feelings in Parda Hai Parda. Rishi’s role was an apt description of ‘love conquers all’.

4. Prem Rog

Character: Dev

Following his role in the 1982 film, many media outlets touted Chintu Kapoor as one of the most romantic actors of all time. Similarly, the film is also known as one of the best romantic films to come out of Indian cinema. A classic, Prem Rog centred on Rishi’s character of Dev, the lover boy who sacrificed his love for a better life for his ladylove Rema. Staying true to his previous characters, Rishi went the extra mile to change her life from bad to good.  He depicted all shades of love, from being unable to express his love to being broken at the thought of being separated from her. His stellar acting earned him the Filmfare Award for best actor.

5. Heena

Character: Chaand

Directed by Rishi’s brother and actor Randhir Kapoor, this movie was a critical and commercial success. A love story between an Indian boy who accidentally reaches Pakistan and loses his memory was considered the most amazing love story of all times. As Chaand, Rishi Kapoor gives a convincing performance. He tells you that you need not be in your complete senses to experience affection towards someone. Even though, he gets stranded between cross border enmity his love doesn't fade away. The 1991 block buster was India's submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film that year and Chaand became the romantic hero who taught everyone the true meaning of love.

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