Half Full Short Film Review: Naseeruddin Shah and Vikrant Massey Make it Worth Watching
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Half Full Short Film Review: Naseeruddin Shah and Vikrant Massey Make it Worth Watching

Half Full Short Film Review: Vikrant Massey plays well against the veteran Naseeruddin Shah in this beautiful short film

  • Movie Name Half Full(a short film on Zee5)
  • Director Karan Rawal
  • Actor Naseeruddin Shah, Vikrant Massey

Rating: *** ½

You really can’t say no to a film, no matter how short, when it features the mighty Naseeruddin Shah as one of the only two characters in a lighthearted meditation on life and death. Naseer arrives later, in a BMW, if you will. Or, so we are told since an actual BMW would be unaffordable to a short film where  the costliest prop is a bowl of  gajar ka halva.

We are first introduced to Vikrant Massey, a man who has just finished writing his suicide note and is waiting for the stroke of midnight to say goodbye to his life. This is where Naseer steps into the picture. Just one look at the wizened face filled with a wondrous wisdom that comes only to those who know which experiences of life to take forward, makes our day.

Massey plays well against Naseer. Even though their interaction lasts for only 12 minutes, what the two actors succeed  in conveying about the value of life is timeless. There is a quality of comforting  familiarity in the way these two actors convey profound thoughts on mortality through a seemingly  ordinary conversation.

And why does Massey’s unnamed character want to die? Because every he wakes up feeling useless. Not a valid reason to die, not in a country where thousands are rendered homeless and jobless. There is  a  lot to be read between the lines in Half Full. Naseer reminds us of  how much his character wants to say without  actually stating it. There is a suggestion at the end of this brief but vivid film that Massey could actually be  portraying the  younger version  of Naseer. I don’t know if I’m willing to  buy that.There can never another Naseeruddin Shah. Half Full reminds us of his unique ability to create  real  people in  no time at all. And with little provocation. 

Vikrant Masey can’t do what Naseer can. Not yet anyway.

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