Hairdressers have a problem with Billu Barber
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Hairdressers have a problem with Billu Barber

Shah Rukh says his film does not disrespect anyone

The Salons and Beauty Parlours Association, which has 27000 members in Mumbai itself, has protested against the title of the film "Billu Barber". They apparently want the title of the film to be changed to "Billu Hairdresser" as they feel the word 'barber' is derogatory.

Shah Rukh Khan meanwhile has tied up with over 400 beauty parlours across Mumbai and has sent them vinyl posters of the film and CDs as part of the promotional campaign.

However, the president of the association has said the word barber is a very insulting term as nowadays hairdressing is an art. He feels an art must be respected be it in any sector. He also said there are many women hairdressers, and imagine them being called barbers.

A special screening of the film has been promised for them and if there's anything objectionable in the film, the association can get it changed. But if it is not changed, the association has threatened to take to the streets to protest against the film.

SRK was shocked at the remarks and said the film is about love, friendship and relationships. He also said it is a very sweet and touching film and does not disrespect anyone.

Produced by SRK's wife Gauri, "Billu Barber" stars Shah Rukh, Irrfan Khan and Lara Dutta and is releasing on February 13, 2009.

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