Gulshan Grover wins Best Actor award at NY Film Fest
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Gulshan Grover wins Best Actor award at NY Film Fest

'Desperate Endeavours' has him playing a spiritual leader

Gulshan Grover has been honoured with the best actor international award at the New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF) for his performance in the Hollywood film 'Desperate Endeavours'.

In the film, directed by French-Algerian director Sam Khassa, Gulshan plays spiritual leader Dada Bhagwan, the man who went to America in the 1970s and enlightened the lives of Indians there as well as Americans.

"Gulshan Grover's performance as the Indian holy man is so compelling, sincere and has an aura that the entire jury unanimously voted for Gulshan Grover as the Best Actor International. We will be screening this film at Times Square for all the tourists and the public," said Roberto Rizzo, CEO and founder of New York City International Film Festival.

Gulshan is also riding high on the critical acclaim he has garnered for his role as a dhaba owner in 'I Am Kalam'.


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