Gulshan Grover Visits Masala!
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Gulshan Grover Visits Masala!

The legendary on-screen villain is a gentleman through and through off-screen

We had many preconceived notions before meeting Gulshan Grover, many of which were formed by his on-screen baddie persona. After all, who can ever forget the legendary baddie's brilliant performance in 'Sadma', 'Ram Lakhan' and scores of other films where he terrorised the hero, heroine and just everyone in general! Of course, it's not just his 'bad man' roles that made him famous. His performances in films like 'Teen Deewarein' and 'I Am Kalam', to name just two movies out of a repertoire of nearly 400 films are proof enough of his versatility!

On the verge of releasing four movies, including the Saif-Ali-Khan starrer 'Bullett Raja', Gulshan is a busybody but not for one second, as he exits his car and makes his way to us, does he make the team or anyone around him feel even the slightest bit rushed. What is most astonishing is how gentlemanly Mr Grover is. He always lets the ladies walk ahead of him, unabashedly sports high street clothing like Zara and sweetly spent hours (yes, in the day and age no Bollywood actor deigns to spend more than a few minutes at a press conference) speaking to us about everything behind and in front of the camera. Here are the highlights:

1) His take on actors' PR-generated image today: "Actors these days don't have personal relationships with the media like they did before. Media in itself has become too big for an actor to keep in touch with. In the olden days, actors used to regularly have esteemed journalists as part of their coterie. They were friends."

2) His son: Gulshan is extremely fond of his son and frequently visits him in LA, almost once a month! A little known fact is that Mr Grover raised his son single-handedly and is very proud of his son, who now works at MGM.

3) His opinion on 'fake' star interactions and press conferences:Gulshan Grover specifically took time out to come and meet us not because he had a movie to promote but because he wanted to spend time with Masala! and develop a personal relationship with us. After a lengthy conversation about everything we truly felt like we were bidding goodbye to a friend.

Read more about his visit and his forthcoming movies in the next issue of Masala!