Gulshan Grover REFUSES to be Chairman of FTII. Here’s Why
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Gulshan Grover REFUSES to be Chairman of FTII. Here’s Why

The post had been left vacant after Anupam Kher quit

Gulshan Grover has refused to be the chairman of the Film and Television Instirute of India (FTII), a post left vacant by Anupam Kher. According to a report in DNA, the reason behind Gulshan not accepting the post is his son's career which he wants to prioritise. Apparently, his son, Sanjay, who was previously based in Los Angeles, has recently moved to Mumbai. The father and son are in the process of starting a couple of film projects in India along with a Hollywood movie. “Gulshan has been shuttling between Germany, Los Angeles and Mumbai for his shooting and pre-production work.  Much as he would like to be of service to one of the most prestigious cinema institutions like the FTII, he is finding it hard to tear himself away from everything else and give this post the undivided attention it needs,” DNA quoted a source saying.

Gulshan also confirmed about the development. "Yes, I’m unable to take this up. I would have loved to be of service to the future generations of cinema and I truly stand behind what the FTII believes in and stands for. However, I already have so many prior time commitments and that would not permit me to do justice. My desire is to give FTII students international exposure and positioning because of my involvement with cinemas across the globe. I wish I’m there when such an opportunity knocks on my door again. Because my love for my country and cinema is paramount,” Gulshan told DNA.

So, now we will have to wait for a new name to come up as the Chairman.

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