Gul O Gulzar, Episode 6: Chaos In The Wake Of Gul’s Actions
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Gul O Gulzar, Episode 6: Chaos In The Wake Of Gul’s Actions

In Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi’s “Gul O Gulzar,” both families struggle to pick up the pieces after Gul’s disappearance.

Gul O Gulzar is a show that can be called a guilty pleasure. There’s honestly no other way to describe this show – it neither tells a story that puts forth a social message nor does it feel particularly light-hearted. It’s a show doused with manipulation, deceit, defeat and a few highly wayward individuals. It could even be seen as your quintessential good vs. evil story, Gulzar representing the good, Gul representing the bad. In theory, Gul O Gulzar should be your “bakwaas,” filler drama that plays in the background while cooking – but it’s not. Gul O Gulzar manages to weave an interesting story that keeps viewers intrigued. And yes, while the characters do fall into that trap of “good vs. evil,” each character has layers. Their circumstances make them the way they are. If Gul is “bad,” she comes from a background where she hasn’t been presented with a lot of opportunities and luxuries in life – however, her character does not gain sympathy, as her father pushes for her to succeed in school and she does not. Likewise, Gulzar is from a loving, supportive, more well-to-do family and this sets Gulzar up for failure personally, as she is sheltered and naïve regarding who to trust – and Gul is the wrong person to trust.

Episode 6 focuses mostly on the mess Gul (Saboor Aly) has created after her disappearance – a disappearance in which she took along Gulzaar’s (Kinza Hashmi) Bhabhi’s jewelry on the morning of the wedding. Furious, Afaq (Kanwar Nafees) and Iqbal (Firdous Jamal) are upset with Gulzar for her trust in Gul, as they have always felt discomfort around Gul and warned Gulzar about her. And while the wedding goes on, Gulzar’s family is furious with her. This anger is worsened when they are stopped by a mob, headed by Gul’s father, demanding to know where Gul is. The police threaten to arrest Gulzar and her father and brother step in, going to the police station. Fortunately, Gulzar’s new Bhabi has relatives in high places and Afaq is released – and he files an FIR against Gul for stealing, a fact that angers Gul’s father, who remains in denial.

Gul’s family blames Gulzar for helping Gul run away and this label is placed upon Gulzar. Quite honestly, who are these people that discuss matters like this so openly and callously? Do they exist? They do in this show, to the extent that Gulzar’s teachers taunt her and label her to be of bad character. With all the talk, Gulzar’s marriage is arranged without her knowledge. She is shocked when a woman arrives and puts a ring on her finger. In private, she tells her father that she does not want to get married.

Unfortunately, at the rate Gul O Gulzar is progressing and only being on episode 6, it is confirmed that Gulzar will not have learned the necessary lesson. After how Gul stole all of her Bhabi’s gold – gold that her father spent his hard-earned money on – and ran away with Adil, logically speaking, Gul should not figure into Gulzar’s world or life…..ever again. However, the story is moving fast and the OST depicts some grim scenarios that confirm Gul’s meddling in Gulzar’s life will continue. While some fans believe that it’s now Gul’s turn to suffer and face the music for her actions in form of an abusive or dismissive Adil, it will not be that easy. It does seem as though Gul will face a rough time with Adil, but it’s also clear that Gul (or her family) will go on to create serious problems in Gulzar’s life in the future, even after her marriage.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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