Gul O Gulzar, Episode 5: Gul Commits Extreme Betrayal
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Gul O Gulzar, Episode 5: Gul Commits Extreme Betrayal

This Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi starrer has gained momentum after Gul’s desires propel her to commit robbery

Gul O Gulzar is a show that manages to strike an interesting balance between sensible and foolish characters.  The show relies heavily on wayward behavior and misunderstandings in order for the storyline to move along; however, somehow, the story is carried out in a convincing manner and does not take the audience for a ride that involves questioning their own sanity. 

In episode 5, Kashi, Gul’s once boyfriend, informs Kifayat (Nayyar Ejaz) of Gul’s relations with Adil (Omer Shahzad) after spotting them together. Gul (Saboor Aly) covers for herself by telling her father that Kashi has been writing her love letters and harassing her.  Gul, after being placed under house arrest, quickly places a phone call to Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi) and persuades her to have her father speak to Kifayat.  Kifayat, instigated by Gul, attacks Kashi in the market and is stopped by Jamal (Paras Masroor), Gulzar’s father.  He proceeds to explain to Kifayat that if he wants his daughter to succeed in life, he needs to trust her and allow her to complete her education.  Gul’s mission is accomplished and she is allowed to leave the house once again. 

On the other end, Gulzar informs Gul about Afaq’s (Kanwar Nafees) discovery regarding the lost earring being artificial. She kindly tells Gul that someone has duped her mother and she should let her mother know.  Gul changes the topic and casually brushes it off, changing the focus to Afaq’s marriage.  Gul proceeds to inform Adil of Gulzar’s words, stating that she has labeled his gift to be worthless.  This infuriates Adil, though a flash of embarrassment and understanding is seen on his face, and he begins to convince Gul that it’s a lie – why would he gift someone fake jewelry when he’s so well off?  This scene triggers further red flags for viewers regarding Adil while also foreshadowing Gul’s soon-to-be fate in her life with this dishonest man.

With Afaq’s marriage in full-swing, Gul is persuaded by Gulzar to stay over for the duration of the wedding, so she can help Gulzar with preparations.  It is during this time, after the mehndi, that Gul commits the ultimate betrayal.  Aware of where the jewelry is located in Gulzar’s room, Gul seemingly drugs Gulzar.  The next morning, when Gulzar and Jamal open the jewelry boxes for the wedding, they realize it has all gone missing – rather, stolen by Gul, who is nowhere to be found.  What is refreshing about this scenario is that Jamal, Afaq and, surprisingly, even foolish Gulzar are able to logically deduce what happened and recognize Gul’s hand in this robbery. 

While Gul has accomplished her mission of distancing Adil from Gulzar and turning his attention towards her, Gul is determinedly blind to the truth staring straight at her.  She repeatedly tells Adil that Gulzar said the earrings are fake – a truth that Gulzar has informed Gul of.  She quotes Gulzar as saying that if he can’t be trusted over jewelry, will he be trustworthy in the future?  What’s interesting here is that while Gulzar is unaware of the situation and is not even aware of Gul’s relationship with Adil, Gul is creating these dialogues to turn Adil away from Gulzar – but the words she’s saying are not registering in her head as truth for herself.  Gul, blinded by greed and jealousy, is digging herself into a hole with a man who is not only hot-headed, but also completely untrustworthy.  Now that she has clearly run away with Adil with the stolen jewelry in tow, it will be interesting to see Gul’s future with this man, a future that will be one of her own doing and will not inspire any sympathy in viewers.

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