Gul o Gulzar, Episode 22: Gulzar Destroys Her Home By Trusting the Wrong Person
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Gul o Gulzar, Episode 22: Gulzar Destroys Her Home By Trusting the Wrong Person

In Kinza Hashmi and Saboor Aly’s Gul o Gulzar, Gulzar begins falling prey to Gul’s manipulations and her marriage is affected

Some friendships can be termed toxic straight away, leaving little room for doubt or misunderstand. Gul o Gulzar is one such story. The painfully naive and innocent Gulzar places her trust in her friend, Gul, and the consequences are dire.

Mehjabeen begins asking questions about Gul’s whereabouts and while Adil’s mother tries to ward off Mehjabeen’s interest, this only furthers Mehjabeen’s desire to talk to Gul. Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi) calls Gul in a panic and tells her that Kashi stopped her in the street.  She relays his message that he wants to talk to Gul, otherwise he will not only visit Gul’s in-laws, but also declares that he will talk to Jamal (Paras Masroor).  Gul is unsympathetic and tells Gulzar that her husband is having an affair, so how would he be able to say anything to her? Adil has a hard time balancing his two wives and decides to take Mehjabeen out of the country to erase thoughts of meeting Gul.

Gulzar continues to roll down a path of self destruction, one that has cleverly been laid out by Gul.  In this episode, viewers see Gulzar confiding in Gul (Saboor Aly) over here issues with Jamal. And while initially, Gul seems to be angry with Jamal for betraying her friend, later it’s revealed that Gul is out for revenge because of the shame she endured earlier. Gul not only feeds misinformation about Jamal, but she also works on turning Gulzar against her mother in law. Gulzar’s change in behavior does not go unnoticed by Jamal and his mother and the two decide to leave the house, but Gulzar refuses to budge and de decides to stay.

Loyalty in a marriage is importanyt and while one cannot call Gulzar disloyal, her life decision to reconnect with Gul clouds her judgement and ability to see how she is tarnishing her own marriage.  While Gulzar’s behavior towards Jamal and her mother in law comes across as too much too fast, it’s also indicative of how quickly life can go from good to bad when trust no longer exists in a marriage. Saboor Aly continues to rule this show as the manipulative, devious Gul who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.  With Gulzar’s family life falling apart, next week will be an important episode when Kashi uses Gulzar as a pawn to get close to Gul.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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