Gul O Gulzar, Episode 21: Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi Reveal a Surprise
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Gul O Gulzar, Episode 21: Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi Reveal a Surprise

Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi have played friends turned foes in Gul O Gulzar. But with the friendship rekindled, viewers are taken by surprise when Gul’s intentions are revealed

Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi have played friends turned foes in Gul O Gulzar.  But with the friendship rekindled, viewers are taken by surprise when Gul’s intentions are revealed Gul O Gulzar tells the story about two friends from different backgrounds and with different personalities who have a strange relationship.  While Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi) cannot live without her best friend, Gul (Saboor Aly) uses Gulzar for her own personal gain.  While the friendship may have been genuine at one time, over the years, it has become the very definition of a toxic friendship with Gul constantly placing all her negative energy onto Gulzar.

In the latest episode, episode 21, Adil (Omer Shehzad) and his parents finally arrive to take Gul home.  When questioned, they tell Gul’s parents that Mehjabeen is unable to have kids and they are afraid of her brother’s actions, so they will keep Gul in a separate house.  Gul is overjoyed to be reunited with Adil and does everything in her power to remove negativity from her life, changing her phone number so Kashi cannot contact her anymore.  But is Gul able to remove the negativity from her own personality?

Gulzar faces her own struggles, angry with Jamal (Paras Masroor) for bringing his colleague, Naina, home with him from Canada.  After Naina confides in Jamal that Gulzar misbehaved with her, Jamal becomes infuriated and tells his mother that they are moving from this neighborhood – knowing that Gul has Gulzar’s ear – and Gulzar can either listen to his wishes or stay in this house alone.  As Gulzar cries to Gul about her situation, it becomes crystal clear that Gul is unable to see Gulzar happy, even in her own happiness.  While Gul’s life has settled, she finds joy in telling Gulzar that Jamal has probably married Naina.  Later, when Gul discusses Gulzar with her mother, she makes a comment that makes it crystal clear that Gul is out to destroy Gulzar’s life, wanting revenge for the “badnaami” Gul believes she faced due to Gulzar and Master Sahab (Firdous Jamal), even though the entire incident was Gul’s own fault.

Finally, Kashi approaches Gulzar and asks for Gul’s contact, but when Gulzar turns Kashi down, he threatens to approach Gul’s in-laws.  Not only this, but he also insinuates that he has Jamal’s number and can ruin Gulzar too if needed.

Overall, episode 21 is an interesting one.  What’s most interesting is the reveal that Gul is out to get revenge from Gulzar, which has not been entirely apparent until now.  Gul simply came across as a friend who was deeply unhappy inside and, therefore, unable to see her closest friend happy as well.  However, now the extent of Gul’s narcissism and deception has been revealed with Gul aiming for revenge for being “humiliated” by Gulzar and her father – humiliated by their stating that she ran away from home, something which she did do and without their knowledge.  Rather than accepting that she brought defamation upon an innocent family, Gul holds a grudge that Gulzar’s family could even think badly of her.  At this point, Gul’s character comes across as dangerous and it’s clear that Gulzar will only get into trouble now with the path now leading to no return.

One point in this show that comes across as both irritating and realistic is the relationship between Jamal and Gulzar.  The scenario presented is both realistic in ways, but also troubling in others.  What is realistic about the scenario is Gulzar’s inability to convey her feelings to Jamal, her feelings of hurt and betrayal, in a way that he can understand.  Likewise, Jamal is unable to process why Gulzar would behave this way when he has been a supportive husband throughout.  He feels betrayed by Gulzar as she accuses him of being of bad character and cheating.  For him, this behavior is intolerable.  This scenario is all too realistic and can hit a nerve of relatability with any married individual, as fights like this happen.  However – let’s get to the irritating point.

Jamal is depicted as this innocent, kind, understanding, mature individual – one who has grown up and lived his entire life in Pakistan.  Which mature, sensible man would deem it appropriate to bring a female colleague all the way from Canada, let her live in his house – this is still okay – and then proceed to spend all his time with this female colleague alone outside the house without any third party present and then behave as though he isn’t doing anything wrong?  If he is there to spend time with his wife while attending a conference, he should be spending time with his wife.  The entire scenario is wrong and makes Jamal look like a cheater, even to viewers who understand that he’s not.  Any wife in this situation would react badly – not to the extent of Gulzar accusing Jamal of being married to Naina (this is ridiculous), but uncomfortable?  Absolutely.  Also, arguments like this do arise in marriages, but for Jamal to lay down an ultimatum for Gulzar to either come with him or stay alone comes across as premature considering the nature of the fight.

It has to be stated though that Gulzar has gone from a kind, understanding though naïve character to now being an accusing, untrusting sort of woman – and she has been molded by Gul into being this way.  Both Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi are acting really well in their individual roles.  While Gul’s conniving, almost sinister nature comes across brilliantly through Saboor Aly’s acting, Kinza Hashmi infuses just the right amount of confidence, naivety and dimness in Gulzar for her to be a real, believable character. How much of Gulzar’s life will be destroyed before Gulzar understands Gul’s intentions?  Let’s wait and watch!

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