Gul O Gulzar, Episode 19:  Saboor Aly’s Gul Acts on Her Threats and Exposes Adil to His Wife
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Gul O Gulzar, Episode 19: Saboor Aly’s Gul Acts on Her Threats and Exposes Adil to His Wife

Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi’s Gul O Gulzar continues to keep viewers hooked as Gul continues to weave her web of deceit

“Gul O Gulzar” is a show that could be described as a guilty pleasure, but it’s one of substance.  The scenarios depicted are not ones that are unbelievable or undigestible – though they are over the top and frustrating to watch.  A tale of friends turned foes, rather “frenemies,” who simply cannot let go of one another despite being bad for each other is an interesting one.  While Saboor Aly’s Gul continues to manipulate everyone in her life and creates problems for herself, Kinza Hashmi’s Gulzar continues to fall prey to Gul’s lies, possibly destroying her own happy life in the process.

Gul (Saboor Aly) and Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi) are “friends” once again, proving Gulzar’s sheer gullibility time after time, unable to recognize the very definition of a toxic friend.  Gul continues to be jealous of Jamal’s attentiveness to Gulzar and begins brainwashing her against him by saying that most men who go abroad find girlfriends there.  When Gulzar and Jamal talk on the phone, Gulzar asks if Jamal (Paras Masroor) has made any female friends, but the conversation upsets Jamal and he hangs up the phone.  Later, his mother questions Gulzar over her behavior and Gulzar childishly says that men are all like this, to which his mother rebukes her for questioning her upbringing.  Gulzar feels embarrassed and calls Jamal, asking why he complained about her to his mother.  Jamal makes it clear that her questions were inappropriate and cast doubt on his character.  He goes on to ask who is putting these thoughts in her head, because she is not the type to think like this.  Gulzar brushes it off, but Jamal is unrelenting, suspecting that Gulzar is in touch with Gul once again and hangs up on her.

Gul arrives back home, finally telling her family about Adil’s (Omer Shehzad) behavior towards her and his second marriage.  Kefayat (Kunwar Nafees) is angry, asking Gul why she didn’t tell them about this sooner – while Gul’s sister is the voice of the viewers, stating that Gul manipulated her way into getting married and it’s her own karma that struck back at her.  Gul, in anger, makes the decision to call Mehjabeen and informs her of Adil’s first marriage.  Shocked, Mehjabeen’s disbelief and pain are reflected on her face and the two make a plan to meet.  Gul shows Mehjabeen the pictures of herself and Adil together, along with informing her about her own pregnancy.  Gul calls Adil while on speakerphone and has a conversation with him, which cements Adil’s betrayal for Mehjabeen.  Gul tells Adil that she is waiting for him and he arrives in a panic, worried that Gul will tell Mehjabeen about their marriage.  Little does he know that Mehjabeen is standing on the side, listening to everything.  When Adil confesses to Gul that Mehjabeen is also pregnant, Gul is furious and Mehjabeen emerges, throwing a glass of water on Adil in anger before storming out.

On the way home, a tearful Mehjabeen makes a phone call to her brother, telling him about Adil’s previous marriage – but gets into a car accident while on the phone.  Due to the accident, Mehjabeen miscarries and is informed that she will never be able to conceive after this.  Her brother declares that he will destroy Adil.  Adil angrily calls Gul, threatening her for taking the life of his child – to which Gul angrily tells him that if he hurts her, his other child will die as well.  Adil is worried hearing this, wanting the safety of his baby.

This episode is an action-packed one with Gul finally making good on her threats.  Saboor Aly is brilliant in her scenes with Adil and Mehjabeen, playing scorned wife AND troublemaker with an ease that gives Gul the vibe of being a sociopath.  Saboor manages to have the audience sympathizing with her despite playing a role that is absolutely manipulative and borderline evil.  Now that Gul has essentially ended Adil’s first marriage, viewers do wonder what is in store for Gul and Adil – and how will Mehjabeen’s family retaliate?  Special mention has to be given to the actress playing Mehjabeen – she does a great job of emoting in this episode.

It is frustrating watching Gul manipulate Gulzar, but it’s also understandable that human beings fall prey to their old habits and so it’s not unbelievable that Gulzar would befriend Gul again – but it is absolutely ridiculous on the part of this character to trust a woman who has done so many bad things to her family.  Kinza Hashmi plays this role with a lot of sincerity, making Gulzar’s foolishness come across as realistic.

It is refreshing to see a strong character like Jamal who is unwilling to bend to Gulzar’s nonsense.  It’s a different question, however, as to whether Gulzar will continue on this path to self-destruction on Gul’s command.  Of course, in the preview, it is seen that Jamal will arrive home with a female friend from Canada – this is ludicrous, as it’s unknown which culture would support this happening, even if Jamal’s intentions are absolutely pure.  We will have to wait until next week to see how this angle unfolds.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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