Gul O Gulzar, Episode 15:  Adil Picks On The Wrong Woman
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Gul O Gulzar, Episode 15: Adil Picks On The Wrong Woman

In this Kinza Hashmi and Saboor Aly starrer, Gul continues to create problems for Adil’s parents, but they hit a new roadblock in the form of their new daughter-in-law

Episode 15 of “Gul O Gulzar” focuses on a few different angles this week, beginning with Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi) and her desire to go to medical school.  Overhearing Jamal (Paras Mansoor) and his mother discussing their finances, she decides to squash her dreams.  However, Jamal later puts her at ease by explaining that she will continue her education once he starts working.

Gul’s family continues to suffer after their fight with Gul, as she refused to provide money for her sister’s wedding.  With greedy to-be in-laws, Kifayat (Nayyar Ejaz) and Kaneez (Shaista Jabeen) struggle to meet expectations despite low finances.  But will they be able to pacify them on the wedding day without Gul’s financial help?  Gul (Saboor Aly) manages to turn Adil (Omer Shehzad) away from his parents once convincing him of her pregnancy, filling his head with (falsified) wrong-doings of his parents.  Adil heads home to confront his parents.

The true take-away scene from this episode is when Adil’s wife overhears Adil having a discussion with his parents regarding Gul and their selling of her car.  In a way that comes off as very realistic, she begins by casually asking “Who is Gul?” – a question that would be natural for a wife to ask.  However, Adil snaps, his anger reaching a boiling point and when his wife continues to question him, he reaches out and slaps her across the face.  While initially in a state of shock, she stares at him for a second, holding her cheek.  Then, in a brilliant move, she reaches out and slaps Adil across the face!  And while he corners her for a repeat attack, she quickly grabs a glass bottle and hits him on the head.  In a scene that grabbed physical abuse depicted in Pakistani dramas and turned it on its head, this is a female character (whose name is unknown, both character and actress) that stands for something.  Respectful towards Adil and his parents throughout, playing the dutiful modern daughter-in-law, there has not been anything “wrong” with her, though the audience has repeatedly been informed of her wealthy status and “important” family background.  So to see a nice girl make the switch for self-respect is a welcome change.  The way she handles herself and immediately calls her family, despite her in-laws protests, proves that she does not stand for this sort of nonsense.

The following scene is almost comedic in nature when it’s revealed that her brother is a gun-toting “Bhai” who could intimidate anyone sitting in the same room as him.  Adil continues to make excuses for his behavior with his mother trying to make “Taali do haathon se bajti hai” statements (You can only clap with two hands).  Despite her brother’s obviously crooked background, it’s once again refreshing to see Adil’s wife’s mother and brother being supportive and having logical thoughts.  To see this assumed gangster lecturing Adil on how men cannot hit women is both laughter inducing and applause worthy and it’s clear that this is intentional on the part of the creatives to choose this unlikely character to paint a true picture.  In a show full of crazy, manipulative characters, here’s a gangster upholding good behavior.

At present, Gul’s life and connections take center-stage in regards to the storyline with little focus on Gulzar, who is living a happy, comfortable life.  But how long will this last?  As Gul continues to make trouble in her own life, it’s only a matter of time before she begins spilling her problems onto Gulzar to create havoc for her.  And with Gul’s boyfriend landing up at her front door, about to come face to face with Adil, disaster is sure to strike for Gul soon enough.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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