Gul O Gulzar, Episode 12: Adil’s Betrayal Is Revealed
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Gul O Gulzar, Episode 12: Adil’s Betrayal Is Revealed

In Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi’s Gul O Gulzar, Gul’s portrayal of her perfect life is revealed to be a farce.

Money can’t buy happiness. This is a line that has been said throughout the decades and still rings true today. This line also happens to define the essence of what the current track in “Gul O Gulzar” has been depicting in regards to Gul’s life with her husband Adil. Gul ran away from home, stole jewelry from Gulzar’s home in order to do so and got married to Adil. She now lives a lavish, comfortable, cushy life in which she can afford anything and everything and has the company of a loving husband who dotes on her. Right? Well, this is what Gul would have the world (and specifically Gulzar) think.

In episode 12 of “Gul O Gulzar”, Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi) and Jamal (Paras Masroor) are on their honeymoon in Murree. The duo are having a great time, enjoying each other’s company and gradually it becomes visible that Gulzar really admires and loves her husband. But suddenly, things change when Gulzar receives a phone call from Gul and disguises it as a call from her sister-in-law. When Jamal catches her in the lie, Gulzar denies the entire situation and the two return from their honeymoon still angry at one another. Ultimately, the two do make up, but Jamal and Master Iqbal (Firdous Jamal) have words with Gulzar over her relationship with Gul and the necessity that it cease to exist. It’s almost alarming how natural Paras Masroor is in his role of Jamal, a role completely different from his previous roles in Sang E Mar Mar and Aangan. He brings Jamal to life and makes Jamal the most endearing character on the show.

A large portion of the episode focuses on Gul (Saboor Aly) and her marriage to Adil. Getting into a fight with Adil (Omer Shehzad) over his mentioning Gulzar, the two have a fight that ends in physical violence. Gul, who has been displaying to the world that she is happy, is seemingly trapped in her life, abused daily by her husband. Gul begins to suspect something is going on when Adil leaves for the airport for work – she follows him and discovers that he’s getting married. She enters his parents home and declares herself Adil’s wife, much to the shock of his parents. Adil tries to deny the marriage, but Gul shows proof in pictures. Adil threatens to divorce Gul if she doesn’t leave.

The episode moves the show in an interesting direction. Gul has done everything, abandoned everything to get where she is now. She has lied, schemed and manipulated to get the riches and the husband she now has – but is she happy? She is stuck in an abusive marriage where she is Adil’s dirty secret. On the other hand, Gulzar is married to a simple man with a middle-class salary, but Jamal is a man who treats Gulzar well, with respect. So while Gul has been playing the game all on her own, who is actually emerging as the winner? That being said, Gulzar’s behavior in indulging Gul and lying about it makes her a “bad guy” technically and it’s difficult to like her as a character when she’s behaving with a fair amount of lying and scheming herself. Viewers will have to wait for the next episode to see what Gul’s next step will be.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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