Gul O Gulzar, Episode 11:  Gul’s Influence Creeps Into Gulzar’s Life
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Gul O Gulzar, Episode 11: Gul’s Influence Creeps Into Gulzar’s Life

Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi starrer “Gul O Gulzar” presents a clear scenario of “the grass is always greener on the other side”

Gul O Gulzar” has, to date, presented a story of two friends with a complicated relationship – “frenemies” (friends that are enemies) would be more apt, at least from Gul’s side.  The two women are friends who cannot live without each other, but contribute absolutely nothing positive in each other’s lives.  While initially, Gul brooded over Gulzar’s better lifestyle, consistently jealous of Gulzar, her family, her good fortune and her likability, now it seems that Gulzar has found Gul to be enviable in her current state with riches and a good-looking husband.

In episode 11, the show focuses on Gul’s (Saboor Aly) return to the neighborhood.  Visiting her parents who have now accepted her, Gul also visits Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi) after confirming with her over the phone.  The two “friends” visit and talk about their lives, but are interrupted when Master Iqbal (Firdous Jamal) comes back home and Gulzar sneaks her out, knowing internally that her actions are wrong to be spending time with Gul.  Jamal (Paras Mansoor) and his mother come over to take Gulzar home after Gulzar’s tiff with Jamal.  Gulzar continues to give Jamal a hard time – until he gifts her a shawl, one she had been admiring earlier, but was too expensive to pick up.  This softens her attitude towards her husband and the two prepare for their honeymoon.  On the other side, Gul faces hostility in her marriage with an abusive Adil (Omer Shahzad) as a husband.  Whether it’s meeting with her family and friends or requesting new clothes, Adil can be set off at a moment’s notice.

Episode 11 of Gul O Gulzar focuses on a simple concept, that of “the grass is always greener on the other side.”  While Gul fills Gulzar’s head with stories of Adil’s commitment, love and extravagant behavior, she also sends Gulzar pictures of herself with Adil, which makes Gulzar miserable internally, lashing out towards her husband, Jamal.  What’s ironic here is that Jamal is the ideal husband, a man who cares deeply for Gulzar, does anything he can to make her happy and treats her like she truly means something to him.  Gulzar, under Gul’s influence, treats Jamal less than kindly, often showing attitude and picking insignificant fights.  While Gulzar broods over Gul’s good luck, what she doesn’t realize is that Gul continues to be envious of Gulzar’s good fortune, always looking to cause trouble for her.  Gul is physically abused by Adil on a daily basis, insulted and humiliated for her family and her background and her movements are kept an eye on.  While Gul may be living in the lap of luxury, she is mistreated, showing that money cannot buy happiness.  The very wealth that she left her family for, abandoned Gulzar for and manipulated her way into getting has come into her hands, but can it buy her happiness?  While the story is revealing itself in an interesting way, one still wishes the show would focus a little more on certain characters and their development, namely Adil’s character.  We will have to wait and see how the show proceeds from here on out.5tm

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By Sophia Qureshi
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