Gul O Gulzar: A Tale of Friends Turned Foes
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Gul O Gulzar: A Tale of Friends Turned Foes

Starring Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi, Gul O Gulzar explores the extent of trust one should place in friendship

Gul O Gulzar is a Six Sigma Plus production, directed by Saqib Khan and stars Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi in the lead roles, as well as Omer Shehzad in an interesting role.  Many shows have come along with vindictive characters who scheme and plot to get their way.  Gul O Gulzar is certainly one such show with Saboor Aly’s character playing a less than genuine friend.  However, there are a few factors that set Gul O Gulzar apart from the usual and make it a show worth watching.

The show focuses on two friends, one Gul (Saboor Aly) and one Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi).  The two are inseparable and tell each other everything, despite being from different backgrounds.  Gul is from a family less well-off and Gul has to fight to get what she wants – and she is willing to go to any extent to get it.  Gulzar is from a humble, middle-class background, well-educated family including a father and brother, Afaq (Kanwar Nafees).  While Gulzar is a great student and does what she can in order to make her family proud, Gul consistently messes up in school, lies, schemes and has a colorful personal life.  Due to Gul’s behavior, Gulzar often finds herself lying to protect Gul.  Well informed of their friendship, Gulzar’s father does his best to guide Gulzar away from Gul and encourages her to befriend more positive girls.

Gul’s family begins to show an interest in Afaq and Gul begins to show interest.  Afaq, however, has found his life partner and introduces her to his father and Gulzar, who happily accept the relationship.  Afaq, who has little liking for Gul, sternly instructs Gulzar to keep the relationship a secret until they are officially engaged.  In the meantime, Gulzar receives a love letter from a secret admirer.  When Gul discovers this and realizes the writer has a car, she begins to imagine a better life for herself.  Taking charge, she tells Gulzar that she will talk to the writer herself – and when he pulls up, she sits in his car to confront him.  Adil (Omer Shehzad) is the man in question, a well-off individual with a job who falls in love at first sight with Gulzar.  Hearing this, Gul bristles with jealousy, but offers to play go-between in order to maintain a connection to Adil.  Gul begins playing a dirty game, attempting to trap Adil for herself while Gul, in her innocence, continues to maintain that she’s not interested.

What sets Gul O Gulzar apart from the ordinary manipulative stories at present is Omer Shehzads’ character, Adil.  Outwardly the “hero,” Adil is arrogant and stubborn.  While Gul feeds him stories of Gulzar’s disinterest and also lies, telling him that Gulzar is engaged, this information only further fuels Adil’s interest in Gulzar.  At one point, he tells Gul that he fell for Gulzar at first sight due to her beauty – but now due to her disinterest, she has become a challenge for him and he must possess her.  Adil is not a hero.  In fact, he comes across as an anti-hero and one wonders who will suffer in the end – Gulzar or Gul, who is doing everything to trap Adil for herself?  Gul is also not an entirely negative character.  During her plotting and assessing of the situation, she does not always do the wrong thing.  She does, at times, pass on accurate information to Gulzar and she wrestles with her own conscious when doing something negative.  Characters with grey shades always make for the most interesting.  Only 3 episodes in, Gul O Gulzar has a talented female duo leading the cast, tells an interesting story and flows smoothly.  This is a show to watch out for.

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