Gul O Gulzar: A Strong Friendship Turned Sinister
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Gul O Gulzar: A Strong Friendship Turned Sinister

In Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi’s “Gul O Gulzar,” Gul sets out to cause further chaos in Gulzar’s life.

Gul (Saboor Aly) has always desired a better life for herself, one poles apart from the life she lived with her family. Aiming high, Gul was always seeking an opportunity to pull herself out from her family life and background. Whether it was the option of marrying Afaq, Gulzar’s brother, or marrying Adil, Gul just wanted to latch on to someone willing to provide a better life for her. In this way, Gul’s behavior could possibly be excused up until now, although she stole jewelry – sure, absolutely a crime and a betrayal, but people make mistakes all the time, right? Wrong. With what transpires in episode 7, Gul proves herself to not only be self-obsessed, but also dangerously full of ego. In a moment that shows Gul as pretty much a sociopath, Gul displays a desire for revenge for being called out for something she actually did do.

Episode 7 generally focuses on Gulzar (Kinza Hashmi) and her upcoming marriage. Finally making amends with her family and understanding their reasoning for marrying her off, Gulzar confesses to her worried to-be mother in law about her reservations about the marriage, attributing it to her desire to study medicine. Her mother in law laughs happily, relieved that it’s not anything more serious and says that both she and her son will encourage Gulzar to study after marriage. Happy to hear this, Gulzar begins to display excitement towards her marriage – and even begins to talk to Jamal, her fiancé, on the phone.

Upon hearing about Gulzar’s engagement, Kifayat (Nayyar Ejaz) begins to fume, angry that his own daughter has run away while Master Iqbal (Firdous Jamal) plans to marry his own daughter off with dignity. Gul’s family continues to hold Gulzar responsible for their daughter’s disappearance, a fact that’s unfathomable even for the viewer – this is one aspect of the show that needed better writing. This spells trouble for Gulzar and her family though, as Kifayat seems to be out for revenge.

The most alarming part of the episode is when, after being stalked by Gul on the phone for days, Gulzar finally answers. Gul calls to chit-chat, behaving as though nothing is amiss. She seems shocked when Gulzar begins blasting her, wondering why she even bothered calling after stealing all of her family’s jewelry. This is the most interesting part of the show – Gul’s reaction. Her face first registers the accusation, her expression temporarily acknowledging her crime……before contorting into an ugly, vengeful, angry look, insulted by the “accusation.” It’s here where the viewer is now finally alerted to the extent of Gul’s “bad behavior.” Gul is no longer seen as a wayward child, a girl with desires for something better. Rather, it’s now seen that Gul is a sociopath, a woman who cannot see beyond her own nose, has absolutely zero remorse and is a pathological liar. Gul, hearing Gulzar’s bhabi discuss Jamil, asks Gulzar if she’s getting married before Gulzar hangs up the phone, worried. Gul smiles, an evil, sinister smile, one that predicts future episodes and the disaster that she will continue to cause in Gulzar’s life. And for what? Logically speaking, what has Gulzar done to Gul, other than being a good friend? Gul has mentally set a plan in motion, a way to extract revenge on Gulzar – but will she be successful? Time will tell.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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