Guess Who?: A Disgraced Business Tycoon’s Calendar Girls to Expose Him Soon in #Metoo
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Guess Who?: A Disgraced Business Tycoon’s Calendar Girls to Expose Him Soon in #Metoo

Also in the net is a photographer and celebrity management company owner who has secrets of his own to hide

This glamour photographer who has been a part of the entertainment industry for decades is likely to face the heat of the MeToo movement. Apparently, there is any number of tales of sexual exploitation related to Mr Glam Photographer and the  Fugitive  Tycoon who published an annual calendar with models handpicked and shot by  Glam Photographer.

And the models who shot for this sizzling calendar are itching to come forward with their MeToo tales.

So what’s stopping them? Apparently, Mr Glam Photographer has been calling some of his victims pacifying them with tempting offers. In the meanwhile since he runs a talent-agency he is also taking time off to send anonymous posts and tipoffs against KWAN, the talent agency one of whose founding members Anirban Blah (who was also the talent manager of stars like Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor) has been named shamed and sacked.

One innuendo-filled post claims Blah has not been sacked and that he is secretly being kept on board. But we can very certainly tell you Anirban Blah is out. While many of KWAN’s celebrity clients are still in.  One of Kwan’s star-clients told this writer, “See, KWAN is not only about Anirban. There are so many other CEOs and all very committed. The company has done loads of good work for many artists.  Leaving the pond just because one fish was rotten is hardly a sign of maturity.”
We agree. And instead of trying to pull a troubled competitor down, how about focusing on one’s own problems?
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