Guess The One Actress Deepika Padukone Won't Invite to Her Wedding

Guess The One Actress Deepika Padukone Won't Invite to Her Wedding

This has got to be the easiest trivia to answer!
Guess The One Actress Deepika Padukone Won't Invite to Her Wedding

Deepika Padukone

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Thank you ‘BFFs With Vogue’ for making Deepika admit what she definitely wouldn’t otherwise! So far, DP has let us know on the show that she isn’t engaged, that she was paid more than Ranveer and Shahid for Padmaavat – though she wouldn’t say exactly how much. Now she springs another juicy surprise. During the Say It Or Strip It segment, host Neha Dhupia asked Deepika if she would invite Katrina to her wedding. Continuing with her honesty-is-the-best-policy, Ms. Padukone replied with a blunt, ‘No’.

No surprises there, actually. The two leading ladies have shared cold vibes since 2009 when Ranbir Kapoor allegedly cheated on his then-girlfriend Deepika with Katrina. Even though Deepika and Ranbir managed to heal post their break-up and stay friends, the same cannot be said of Deepika’s equation with Katrina. She evidently continues to hold Kat responsible for breaking up her relationship with RK and is yet to forgive her for her transgressions. Interestingly, it is Deepika’s closeness to Ranbir that was allegedly also one of the factors that eventually drove Katrina and Ranbir apart!

Having been at loggerheads with each other for quite some time, the coldness only seems to be intensifying between these two ladies. They take utmost care to avoid running into each other even accidentally. If Katrina skipped her then-boyfriend Ranbir’s Tamasha success bash, the two actresses made their coldness very much apparent at the recent Golden Rose Awards. While Deepika was among the first ones to reach the awards night, Katrina made a late-night entry and also made a quick exit. During her brief appearance at the gathering, Kat maintained a safe distance from Deepika, and the two even refused to sit in the same row! Snubbing each other at the gym, of course, has been a regular happening and two now ensure they have different timings at Yasmeen Karachiwala’s fitness studio, to avoid the sight of each other.

Even as rumours about an impending wedding for Deepika and Ranveer gather steam, we now know one name that will not feature on the guest list – if Deepika has her way!

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