Guess the Amount a Contestant Has to Pay if He or She Wants to Quit Bigg Boss 9?!
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Guess the Amount a Contestant Has to Pay if He or She Wants to Quit Bigg Boss 9?!

The reality show's contract states astronomical figures!

Dirty politics, ugly controversies, back-stabbing are just some of the phrases one has to get used to if they intend to stick around in the Bigg Boss house. For each of the contestants it was a brave decision to sign the contract, for past experiences from the previous shows have given a clear indication of what the show will be like.
It isn't surprising that equations change, friends turn into foes and the sequence of events can often turn out to be a nightmare! Keith Sequiera and Mandana Karimi have had their share of altercations. Roopal Tyagi is upset that she has been sidelined by people like Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash. Rimi Sen's frustration is spilling over! But alas, quitting doesn't seem like an option for many of the contestants as it comes at a pretty steep price!
A source revealed to that if any contestant wants to leave Bigg Boss 9 midway, he/she will have to pay a ridiculous fine of Rs 5 crore! The contract this time is watertight and leaves no room for procrastination. The contestants will have to put up a brave front and live together inspite of their brimming frustration.
Do you think any of the contestants are considering the option of quitting the show? 
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