Guess Mira Rajput's One Condition Before Agreeing to Marry Shahid Kapoor!
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Guess Mira Rajput's One Condition Before Agreeing to Marry Shahid Kapoor!

Sasha did have some lofty expectations to live up to!

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor who is awaiting the release of his film Udta Punjab, will appear in a never seen before avatar of a rock star junkie in the film. The persona he will portray is so far from his real self that critics doubted whether he would be able to live up to the character. But the promos and the trailer of the film have banished all doubts regarding Sasha's acting abilities and we can't wait to watch the film. 

Incidentally, when Shahid was preparing to play Tommy Singh, was also the time he first met his lovely wife Mira last year. Shahid was attempting to get into character and had started sporting Tommy's long tresses when he first visited Mira's house. Recalling his first meeting with his in-laws and Mira in an interview in Bombay Times, Shahid said, "Mira and I never dated. We just met three to four times and decided to get married. I was about to start shooting for Udta Punjab when I met first met Mira. I remember I went to her house for the first time and I was in the Tommy zone. So, I had a ponytail, drop-crotch track pants and weird shoes on. I recall getting out of the car in this avatar at Mira’s farmhouse in Delhi. Her dad came out to welcome his son-in-law to be. He saw how I was dressed and he surely thought –‘God what is my daughter getting married to.’ He barely looked at me, then whispered 'Come inside’ and went away. It was adventurous of Mira to agree to marry a guy who looked like Tommy. I also remember telling her -'I am going to colour my hair.' You should have seen her face. She is this 20-something girl coming out of LSR College and she was like 'What?’ And when I told her I am playing a character called Tommy, she said, 'That is not the name of a guy, it is the name of a dog.'"

"Coming back to my hair, the only condition she laid down for me was that when we get married, I will not have coloured hair. She made me promise that when we marry I would sport my normal hair colour. She warned me not wear my hair red on our marriage day. When I married her a month later, I made sure I behaved myself and looked like a decent groom."

And we thank Mira for that!



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