Golden Globes 2020: Tom Hanks Reveals He’s Playing a Bad Guy Soon

Golden Globes 2020: Tom Hanks Reveals He’s Playing a Bad Guy Soon

Tom Hanks was awarded with the Cecil B DeMille Award at the Golden Globes ceremony held in Los Angeles last night

Close your eyes and for a second imagine American actor Tom Hanks playing a bad guy in a movie, it is so hard to even imagine, right? Hanks’ characters over the decades have all been heroes in distress or saviours standing up against oppressors. He can be seen fighting villains with guns at times and on some other occasions he is fighting loneliness after being stranded on an island. All in all, Hanks and bad guys/things are always the protagonist and antagonist, respectively, in a movie, however, he has now promised to travel into the unknowns of portraying a bad guy.

The Cast Away actor teased the press backstage at the Golden Globe Awards that he is soon going to silence them all by playing a bad guy in a Baz Luhrmann movie. “My current plan is, I’m about to go to Australia to work with Baz Luhrmann,” Hanks said, adding his thoughts were with victims and volunteers caught in devastating brush fires. The actor will star opposite Austin Butler in Luhrmann’s forthcoming Elvis biopic, playing the icon’s shifty talent manager. “The plan is, I’m playing Colonel Tom Parker, and silence all your stupid questions about why will I never play a bad guy,” Hanks joked.

Hanks continued by talking about his philosophy on likability, which he surprisingly cultivated from The Matrix saga actor Keanu Reeves. “I have worked briefly with Keanu, and he gets the, ‘How is it to be so well liked?’ I feel the same way he does, it’s preferable to the alternative. I’d rather be appreciated than loathed,” he said. Hanks was presented with the Globes’ lifetime achievement award named for Cecil B. DeMille, and gave a rousing and often emotional speech that revisited his entire career, and lessons learned through his craft. Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic is expected in 2021.

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By Shaheera Anwar
A multimedia journalist who keeps a keen eye on the latest happenings in the world of entertainment and often writes reviews along with opinion pieces on some of the most-talked-about debates