Global Village Dubai to Open Early for the First Time to Host Yoga Day Out by Lululemon

Global Village Dubai to Open Early for the First Time to Host Yoga Day Out by Lululemon

As part of the ongoing Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019, Global Village Dubai will open its doors at 7 am on Friday, 8th November to host Yoga Day Out

Global Village -- a multicultural festival park in Dubai which runs between October and April every year -- will be opening its doors earlier for a special event. While the park usually opens at 4 pm every day, it will be hosting a Yoga Day Out on Friday, 8th November, which will begin at 7 am. Led by yoga teachers Allie McLaughlin and Neha Duseja, who will be representing an activewear brand, Lululemon, this event is part of the annual Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC), with free fitness activities taking place in the emirate between 18th October and 16th November 2019. 

The Yoga Day Out will also be free of charge and can accommodate up to 3,100 participants (15 years and older; children can play in the kids’ gymnasium and play area). It will include two 60-minute workout sessions. The first session, a vinyasa style class, will take place between 8-9 am, helping participants learn new poses to strengthen their body. The second ‘chilled yoga’ session will take place between 10-11 am and will include stretches and balancing poses, along with breathing techniques and meditation. 

Dubai residents, interested in rejuvenating their mind and body, can register for the event online. The first 3,000 participants will get a free yoga mat and will be able to purchase water and refreshments at the site. 

DFC, launched in 2017, is an initiative geared towards making Dubai the most active city in the world. It challenges and encourages residents to complete at least 30 minutes of exercise for a period of 30 days. During the month-long programme, dedicated fitness villages have been set up at Kite Beach and Dubai Festival City, which are open every day and enable people to attend a large number of free fitness classes. Other fitness hubs are also hosting similar events and the Sheikh Zayed Road will also be converted into a running track for a day on 8th November.