Get Toned Arms With These Simple Workout Routines

Get Toned Arms With These Simple Workout Routines

While targeted exercises do not lead to efficient weight loss in a specific body part, these exercises will definitely help you out in toning those arm muscles!

Whether you're about to wear a sleeveless shirt or a long-sleeved bodysuit, there's no denying that you feel better putting it on when your arms feel toned and strong. So you might secretly aspire to have arms like Bollywood celebrity Jacqueline Fernandez because why not! Getting model-like leaner and toned arms is every woman's dream. We often neglect our backs and arms while working out and tend to focus more on body parts we see in the mirror. Here, we present a workout plan for your back and chest muscles that will definitely help you build up these areas.

1. Cardio

In all honesty it’s nearly impossible to spot reduce any body part. Hence it’s imperative that you perform some sort of cardiovascular exercise that includes Zumba, aerobics that can increase the heartbeat and reduce your overall weight. Half an hour of cardio, on at least 5 days of the week is one of the most important factors in your efforts to tone out the upper body.

2. Jumping Rope

Starting your workout with a 2-minute upper body warm up is the best possible way to get your body ready. A 15 minute jumping rope activity will transform your abs and arms. Jumping rope directly impacts your shoulder and back and is a great way to work on them. However, don’t forget the technique; use only your wrists to turn the rope.

3. The Side Twist Plank

This is one of Bipasha Basu’s favourite workout for toning arms. This exercise requires a strong core and super-strong thigh muscles, to be able to maintain that form through the exercise. Side Plank with a Twist, exercise helps work your abs and obliques. Also, the twisting plank will train your shoulders, glutes, and quads

4. Tricep Push Ups

Considered the most efficient exercise against underarm fat, doing push-ups regularly will surely do the trick. In case you find it difficult to manage the standard position, start with knee push-ups. Do push for 45 seconds and frequently do it thrice with 20-30 seconds break.

It's impossible to use targeted exercises to lose weight in a specific part of your body. Only hard work and a little knowledge goes a long way while targeting to achieve slim and toned arms with these exercises. Given the right posture and consistency, you are sure to get those model-like slim arms in no time.

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