Get Inner Peace: 15 Life Lessons from Eckhart Tolle To Help You Deal With Stress
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Get Inner Peace: 15 Life Lessons from Eckhart Tolle To Help You Deal With Stress

Eckhart Tolle, one of the most influential spiritual teachers in the world, offers many lessons on achieving a state of inner peace.

If life seems unbearable right now, you need find balance and inner peace. There are many strategies and ideas that can help you find quiet in these modern, challenging times. You can learn from Eckhart Tolle, who is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author. His best known work is The Power of Now and in 2008 The New York Times referred to him as "the most popular spiritual author in the United States.” Eckhart suffered from suicidal depression until the age of 29 when he experienced a spiritual transformation that completely changed his life. Here are some of the main life lessons he has been imparting since then as one of the most spiritually influential people in the world:

Live in the Present

“Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now.”

Stop Overthinking

“When you wash your hands, when you make a cup of coffee, when you're waiting for the elevator - instead of indulging in thinking, these are all opportunities for being there as a still, alert presence.”

Realise that Suffering is Optional

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is.”

Let Go

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.”

Stop Complaining

“To complain is always nonacceptance of what is. It invariably carries an unconscious negative charge. When you complain, you make yourself into a victim. When you speak out, you are in your power. So change the situation by taking action or by speaking out if necessary or possible; leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness.”

Make Time For Yourself

“When you get into your car, shut the door and be there for just half a minute. Breathe, feel the energy inside your body, look around at the sky, the trees. The mind might tell you, 'I don't have time.' But that's the mind talking to you. Even the busiest person has time for 30 seconds of space.”

Forgive Yourself

“There is a fine balance between honoring the past and losing yourself in it. For example, you can acknowledge and learn from mistakes you made, and then move on and refocus on the now. It is called forgiving yourself.”

Practise Gratitude

“It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.”

Say No to Dependency

“To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good or bad. It seems almost paradoxical, yet when your inner dependency on form is gone, the general conditions of your life, the outer forms, tend to improve greatly. Things, people, or conditions that you thought you needed for your happiness now come to you with no struggle or effort on your part, and you are free to enjoy and appreciate them - while they last. All those things, of course, will still pass away, cycles will come and go, but with dependency gone there is no fear of loss anymore. Life flows with ease.”

Find Love

“Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you. It is not dependent on some other body, some external form.”

Build Genuine Relationships

“A genuine relationship is one that is not dominated by the ego with its image-making and self-seeking. In a genuine relationship, there is an outward flow of open, alert attention toward the other person in which there is no wanting whatsoever.”

Acknowledge Your Fears

“Is fear preventing you from taking action? Acknowledge the fear, watch it, take your attention into it, be fully present with it. Doing so cuts the link between the fear and your thinking. Don't let the fear rise up into your mind. Use the power of the Now. Fear cannot prevail against it.”

Take Action

“Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it's no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.”

Redefine Success

“Don't let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment.”

Embrace Change

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”

Eckhart Tolle’s teachings contradict what many of us have been taught in the modern world: to work towards a future goal in order to be happy. Eckhart asks people to live in the present in order to experience true joy instead of linking happiness to achievements or anything external. He recommends dis-identifying with the contents of the mind regularly by bringing awareness to the body and energy. Even if the present moment is intolerable or painful, people can experience inner peace by accepting their current circumstances and then working towards changing their life.

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