Generous Salman Khan's Big Gift to his Bodyguards
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Generous Salman Khan's Big Gift to his Bodyguards

Who wouldn't want a boss like him?

That Salman Khan is generous and treats people close to him really well is no secret.  The actor recently proved once again that he was one of a kind when he treated his bodyguards to something special. reports that recently in Dubai when Salman launched his song Radio from his upcoming film Tubelight, he decided to surprise his team. How? By organising a shopping trip for them! The bodyguards were allowed to shop for whatever they wanted and Salman reportedly paid all their bills. Wow! Shopping fee aside, the actor also hiked their salaries this year.

It isn’t hard to see why. The frenzy that Salman generates among fans is incomparable so his bodyguards have a tough task each time there is an event featuring the actor. His most trusted bodyguard of course is Shera who has been with him for close to two decades. Wherever Salman goes, Shera goes too! The star has utilised his services from the mid-90s. It's said that he got impressed with the way Shera handled the crowds at an event when things got out of hand and that's when Salman decided to work with him full time. 

What can we say except that the team is really lucky to get such a good boss!

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