Geetha Govindam Movie Review: Deverakonda Does A Delightful Somersault From Arjun Reddy

Geetha Govindam Movie Review: Deverakonda Does A Delightful Somersault From Arjun Reddy

Geetha Govindam Movie Review: Parasuram's movie is a romantic drama we needed
Geetha Govindam Movie Review: Deverakonda Does A  Delightful Somersault From Arjun Reddy
Movie NameGeetha Govindam(Telugu)
ActorVijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna

Some movie experiences  take us on a romantic joyride while offering us an insight  into human nature but without hammering the “message” in like  a rough Thai massage.  Geetha Govindam is a surprisingly  low-key  libido-teaser.   It whips  up a frothy fun ambience through a chance encounter between a virginal college lecturer and  a rather stiff upper-lipped Miss Hoity-toity. That the two roles are played by Vijay Deverakonda  and Rashmika Mandanna is a dash of destiny doing its  devilish bit to add spice to this honeyed though never over-sweetened confection of  love  during times of wedding festivities and carnal urges.

Besides the very likeable leading man, what I really like about Geetha Govinda is its feisty take on gender equations that are played out in this film in  a spirit of  puckish irony. Think. The  guileless guy Vijay Govinda (Deverakonda)  and the uppity  girl Geetha (Rasmmika Mandanna) get close during a  bus journey to a wedding that  will change their destiny.  But that’s later. Back in the bus, the buck and the bak-bak  never  stops. The  pair creates some interesting moments of travel intimacy. She makes him stand guard outside a shady loo. He gets down to eat while she snoozes in  the  bus… All this while Vijay, a stranger to female attention, whisper-shares with his friends on  the phone about his growing closeness to the stranger.

And  then  all hell breaks lose. A moment of  monstrous miscommunication and the haplessness virgin-man is exposed to be lecher and predator, which he is not. The  rest  of the film maps their stormy liaison, his insistence on  being her puppy-dog and slave-on-demand, just so that she doesn’t blurt out their shared ‘secret’ in public.
Rashmika Mandanna very effectively brings out the  manipulation of gender  conflicts  by the woman who is often  known to grab the upper hand (and a lot of other parts)  with all her might . Geetha knows she has Govinda by his throat . She doesn’t squeeze. But  she uses  Vijay’s vulnerable state to her own advantage.
The  scenes where she  drags  him by his collar (in a manner of speaking) through  shopping sprees and  early-morning appointments, are done with a refreshing absence  of malice. The  film, provocative as  it is  in the matter of  gender conflict, never forgets to be sweet-tempered and supple, endearing and yet  underlined by a  layer of simmering discontent at  the  sheer  unfairness  of it all.

While playing out this beguiling  and charming courtship game, director Parasuran draws out the tenets of  the sprawling joint-family. This  is the world of Sooraj Barjatya tinged with a  touch of tender eroticism and defined by  a bustling state  of  constant anxiety about the mating game.
And who better equipped  to  project  the exacerbated  anxieties  of  sexual discontent than Vijay Deverakonda? Doing a  fulsome  360-degreee about-turn from his role as  the self-consumed  destructive alcoholic-junkie in Arjun Reddy, Deverekonda is  absolutely at home playing a man bewildered  by the circumstances that suddenly appear to control  his life and  libido. Deverekonda brings a refreshing candour to the romance. Simultaneously flustered and  in-control,  he is the  Urban Nomad looking for a place to pitch his heated tent.

After watching  him go through the motions of manipulated  courtship  in this film, I am more than convinced Vijay Deverekonda is not just the next superstar  of Telugu  cinema  but also one of  the most engaging new-age actors  of Indian  cinema.

The actor gets able support from his leading lady Rashmika Mandanna who gives him the romcom equivalent  of  a coitus interruptus .
The  film is  shot in a temperament of scenic aptitude,  never allowing the urge to manipulate the landscape to make the  film look prettier than it should. The songs specially the one where Mandanna walks behind Deverekonda emulating him,  don’t stop the  narrative from moving forward. The choppy relationship is never complemented  by a lurching narrative.  Smooth  and sinuous, Geetha Govindam is a  winsome  exploration of  the mating game, done with just the right dose of  sweet and spine.