Gautami Parts Ways With Kamal Haasan

Gautami confirms breakup with Kamal after their 13-year relationship
Gautami Parts Ways With Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan

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Diwali festivities just got over and B-town gets to hear news of yet another celebrity split. However, this time round we didn't recieve even a hint of any trouble in their relationship before news of this recent developement hit the newsstands. A report on Bollywoodlife states that Tamil actress, Gautami Tadimallin confirmed the news on her blog that Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan and herself are calling it quits on their 13 years relationship. Allegedly it was Gautami who ended the relationship which has left fans and the industry alike in shock due to the fact that it was Gautami who was constantly by Kamal's side during his recent injury. In her blog, the actress has used phrases like ‘irreversibly damaged' referring to their relationship. 

In her blog, titled 'Life and Decisions', Gautami not only chronicles her feelings about the superstar but also shares positive aspects of their time together mentioning the inspiration she's drawn from her partner Kamal Haasan.

We are left wondering what could possibly have gone wrong between the two and what the reason is behind this sudden breakup.