Gandhi Jayanti Special: Top 5 Films To Remind Us of Mahatma Gandhi
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Gandhi Jayanti Special: Top 5 Films To Remind Us of Mahatma Gandhi

Five movies that not just pay tribute to Gandhism, they capture the essence of the Mahatma well

This is the 150th year of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. While he had been immortalised on celluloid several times, there are some movies that live on forever. Here are the top five ‘Gandhi’ films to savour this Gandhi Jayanti

1. Lage Raho Munnabhai:

Sanjay Dutt’s conversations with Mahatma Gandhi in this ode to the lost spirit of Gandhism, was among the most humanizing works of cinematic art in living history. Dutt, otherwise known to  play the gangster, and director Raj Kumar Hirani who stands accused of  some very un-Gandhian  activities, brought the  spirit  of Gandhi out of  dog-eared  books in libraries  into  every living room.

2. Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara:

Anupam Kher not only produced this  gem of a film he  also starred as a Gandhian  patriarch suffering from memory loss, who feels guilty  about  the Mahatma’s assassination. The  film  wove a pastiche of memory, guilt,  nostalgia  and  a crisis of morality all together in a lucid mix that the great man himself would surely  have enjoyed. Not  you, Anupam. Gandhiji.

3. Hey Ram:

It is perhaps Kamal Haasan’s most coherent directorial work to date. Like all of  Kamal’s work, the  narrative rambled on and on. But what stood out was the filmmaker-actor’s  immovable faith  in the  teachings  of  Gandhiji  to move  mountains. Naseeruddin Shah made an  appearance  towards  the  end  of  the  film as  the Mahatma. In my opinion,  he was  the best Gandhi I’ve ever seen.

4. Gandhi My Father:

Bringing out the  human side  of Mahatma Gandhi, this  daring film tracked Gandhiji’s troubled relationship with elder son Harilal who went  astray for the lack of paternal care.  Gujarati  actor Darshan Jariwala  was effective  though not  outstanding as Gandhiji. But the focus was on Akshaye Khanna as the troubled  persecuted son Harilal. Incidentally Anil Kapoor produced this  film directed by stage  director  Feroz Khan. This film caused a temporary rift between best friends  Anil Kapoor and Anupam Kher as  Anupam felt  Anil was stealing the thunder away from his Maine Gandhi  Ko Nahin Mara.

5. Gandhi:

Richard Attenborough’s bio-pic! Need anything  more be said? …. Director Attenborough  and actor  Ben Kingsley  as Mahatma Gandhi did what no  Indian  filmmaker  or actor has  ever done for  the Mahatma. The film made him a household  name. Take  a bow again, Mr Kingsley.

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