Game Over Trailer Review: Taapsee Pannu Packs a Punch
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Game Over Trailer Review: Taapsee Pannu Packs a Punch

Game Over Trailer Review: Taapsee Pannu steals the show in the trailer and will possibly do so in the film too

I really like Tapsee Pannu. In person and on screen, she communicates a refreshing  lack  of  melodrama in  her  personality. I am  pretty sure if Tapsee  is caught in a road accident she won’t  rant and  scream but quickly   take charge and  ensure everything moves without  delay.

When I heard  the concept of  her new film Game Over where she plays the hero (Tapsee humbly disagrees, she says the script is the  hero) it stuck me as a one-woman show. And though there’s a mother-figure hovering anxiously  in the eerie  frames,  it is  Tapsee all the way as she goes from  selfassured single  woman to paranoid wreck within the  course  of  a few minutes.

It’s a stylishly-cut trailer like none other. Breathless , wheezing with tension, as  Tapsee is  shown to be  pursued  by an unknown assailant which  could be a figment  of her imagination. Like Sunny Leone’s stardom. Or  Vivek Oberoi’s  gravitas.

This year barring Manikarnika we  haven’t really had any film of stature with a female hero in  the  lead. Game  Over shows Tapsee beating Bollywood’s  big boys at their own game.She  is  athletic agile, kinetic and  constantly  alert as the world around her  character spins out of shape.

After seeing  the  trailer  I am convinced  Tapsee can shoulder  a film  without a  male hero’s help. Naam Shabana which was her show all the way brought in Akshay  Kumar to hold her hand—literally!—and walk her through the  mayhem in slow  motion.

In Game Over Tapsee seems to deal with her own trauma on her own, and quite  well, thank you. The  film in  three languages  Hindi, Tamil and Telugu  releases a week after Bharat. By then we should be  ready for a ‘Bharti’ . Tapsee's last  release Badlaa where she played the central  character  made  a huge profit  for  producer Shah Rukh Khan.

A  significant detail  in an  industry where  one is as  good as one’s last hit.

Watch the trailer here...

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