Galouti Kebab

Galouti Kebab

This delicate preparation is one of the signature dishes at Kebab Connection

* Serves Four *


1kg lamb mince
50gms shallow-fried onions
50gms cashew nuts
50gms raw papaya
25gms ginger
25gms garlic
10pcs cloves
5gms cardamom powder
5gms garam masala powder
50gms ghee
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste


Grind together all the above ingredients to a smooth texture in a food processor.
Leave it aside for hour.
Prepare around 20 small balls of the mixture and then flatten it like round cutlets.
Cook on a hot plate turning it time to time, till it is golden brown in colour.
Baste with butter while cooking.
Serve hot with a small piece of naan and mint chutney.

Fact file

Name of restaurant Kebab Connection
Location Gold Swiss Belhotel, Dubai
Call 04 345 9992

Did you know?

Galouti is one of the more delicate kebabs made from minced meat. It was supposedly made for a nawab in Lucknow who could not eat the regular kebabs.

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