Frozen 2: Is It Worth The Hype?

Frozen 2: Is It Worth The Hype?

Frozen 2 reviews are in and we can't deny that the second instalment looks pretty promising.

Frozen 2 has so far received mostly very positive reviews, with a 78% Rotten Tomatoes score as of this writing. That’s obviously lower (so far) than the original, but still well within “Certified Fresh” range. As long as audience grades for Frozen 2 are as good or better than the critical score, that should be more than enough to ensure the sequel is another billion-plus earner.

As animated films go, Frozen has been one of Disney's most successful films ever. Disney has released Frozen’s vivified spin-off trailer of Frozen, sending fans into a real craze. The trailer of the film endeavours to suggest a conversation starter to the group of spectators pertaining to Elsa's otherworldly powers. Elsa is the ruler of the flick's city of Arendelle, who battles to grapple with her enchanted potential.

The Snow Queen adventures past Arendelle to leave on a risky voyage with her sister Anna who is a benevolent snowman Olaf along with an iceman named Kristoff. The reviews are in and we can't deny that the second instalment looks pretty promising.

The Guardian:

the idea is developed further, with Elsa and Anna (Kristen Bell) vowing to undo the damage done by generations past, thoughtfully touching on the timely themes of colonialism and the climate crisis. Indeed, Anna’s moving solo The Next Right Thing advocates for taking the first small step towards change even when the future is uncertain.


The film gets a little convoluted at that point, frankly, but it's never less than fun -- including a number of savvy references to the original, and jokes at its own expense -- even if sisterly love triumphing over all loses something thanks to all the work that "Frozen" did toward establishing that notion.


Frozen 2 looks amazing, there’s plenty of good jokes, the songs are pleasing enough to the ear, and we get to spend time with characters we like. But this is a case of the packaging disguising the fact there isn’t really as much inside as there appears to be. The character arcs are fairly obvious and don’t amount to enough to be truly satisfying. There is no clear antagonist and instead just a shifting of suspicions and unmet expectations. It remains unclear why some of the magical happenings are taking place. There are no deeper character conflicts and emotional reversals.

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