Front Row Manners
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Front Row Manners

The dos and don'ts of Fashion Week behaviour

We all know the dos of fashion week behaviour – or do we? And do we know the don'ts? Get your fashion week manners in order before Dubai Fashion Week starts. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Coome in on time for the show. The designer and the other guests will appreciate it.

Applaud the show. Jaded, oh-we-have-seen-it-all attitude is such a kill-joy reaction, especially for someone who has just designed an entire collection.

Dress for the event rather than for the runway!

Keep your babies back home. We know they're adorable, but a runway show is not the place to prove it.


Talk on the mobile after the show has started. Definitely don't talk loudly. And don't start chatting with your friend by your side either!

Just barge in and sit just about anywhere. Usually seats are reserved, especially those in the front rows. We know we know you can see the show better sitting up front, but it still doesn't justify sitting on someone else's seat!

Try to find your seat if you've come in late. Especially if your seat is somewhere towards the front. Just stand at the back and watch the show. Or you will end up like Lindsay Lohan, who was banned from attending shows at the NY Fashion Week due to her late latif ways.

Walk out after the show has started – unless it is an emergency. It's barely 20 to 30 minutes of your life and you can afford to sacrifice that for fashion's sake.

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