From His Rumoured Relationship to Dealing With Failure, Sushant Singh Rajput Makes 5 Interesting Revelations!

From His Rumoured Relationship to Dealing With Failure, Sushant Singh Rajput Makes 5 Interesting Revelations!

The actor candidly speaks about his personal and professional life!
From His Rumoured Relationship to Dealing With Failure, Sushant Singh Rajput Makes 5 Interesting Revelations!

Sushant Singh Rajput

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The Raabta actor, Sushant Singh Rajput lives a pretty fearless life and doesn’t usually shy away from opening up when quizzed about various aspects of his time in Bollywood. His life arouses a certain amount of curiosity, leaving us constantly speculating his actions. Whether it’s the rumours surrounding his love life, or his cryptic Instagram posts, Sushant seems to have a certain aura of mystery, always surrounding him.

In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, he opened up about his professional and personal life, giving us all those answers we were looking for! Read on..


One among the other few actors in Bollywood, Sushant Singh didn’t have industry linage to depend on. He started off in the telly industry and slowly worked his way to the top. When asked about what he’s most happy about, he said, “After money came my way, I was seeking validation. They're both extremely seductive. I told myself that when I finally find them, that’s when I'll be the happiest.” He went on to add that nothing else besides acting currently defines happiness for him.


Besides continuous pictures of the duo doing the rounds, Sushant’s cryptic social media posts go on to say a lot about his personal relationships. While both Sushant and Kriti have denied any romantic connection between them, many fans choose to believe otherwise! Continuing to deny his relationship with Ms. Sanon, he said, “there is a series of stories about me which are untrue and I feel misunderstood. That's not a great feeling! As an actor I can condition myself to ignore the rumours, but I hold on to the vulnerability and the emotions these rumours evoke because it makes me a better actor. The stories often affect me but they never change my friendship with any co-star.”


One of the most awaited films of the year, Raabta, received mixed reviews and didn’t manage clocking big numbers at the box office. Speaking about he dealt with the criticism about the film, Sushant said, “I've conditioned myself in a way that no matter what happens on Friday, I'll be okay on Monday. I can't screw up six months of work on my next by thinking of my last film.” Well said Mr. Rajput!


After transitioning from a successful telly star to a popular actor on the big screen, Sushant says he’s not ‘fearless’ in terms of surviving in the industry. Speaking about the future of films, the talented actor said, “I'm fearless. If you take everything away from me, including the opportunity to act, I'll simply make my own film. There's nothing left to prove anymore, I'm a lottery winner! In five years, everything about films is going to change. Digital TV and Virtual Reality (VR) is the future. Those unwilling to evolve will perish.”


Not so long ago, rumours started doing the rounds that Amrita Singh was getting over involved in details of Sara Ali Khan’s debut. It was said that she made it a point to attend all the script meetings and demanded changes in certain places. Trashing all these rumours, Sushant said, “The script hasn't changed a bit from the one I was given and said yes to the first time. I'm honest and 100 per cent professional. So, there's absolutely no interference from any parent or friend.”

Considering Sushant has around 5 films lined up (Tarun Mansukhani's Drive, Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan's Chandamama Door Ke, Abhishek Kapoor's Kedarnath, Robbie Grewal's Romeo Akbar Walter, Abhishek Chaubey's untitled dacoit drama), we can’t wait to see how they turn out! We’re personally super excited about his upcoming film, Chandamama Door Ke, based on space travel! Have you seen pictures of Sushant preparing for the film yet?