'From Day One I was Against Karisma Marrying Sunjay Kapur': Randhir Kapoor
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'From Day One I was Against Karisma Marrying Sunjay Kapur': Randhir Kapoor

The actress's divorce with the Delhi industrialist gets murkier by the day as he makes fresh allegations against her...

Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor is deeply entrenched in the proceedings of a messy divorce with her estranged husband Sunjay Kapoor, who is a Delhi based industrialist. Many believed that the actress married Sunjay on the rebound after breaking off her engagement with Abhishek Bachchan, thus there were very few raised eyebrows when Karisma and Sunjay filed for divorce after two children and a decade of being together. Somehow, the match had always seemed like a very forced one.

Their impending marriage is getting messier by the day as Sunjay now claims that Karisma married him for money. Speaking on the issue, the actress’s dad Randhir Kapoor said in an article in the Times of India, “The whole world knows what kind of people they are. The fact that my daughter is getting a divorce is because we are not happy with that family. This third-class behaviour is expected only from a third-class person like Sunjay Kapur.”

In his fresh petition, Sunjay has reportedly accused Karisma of 'not being a good mother.' Reacting to the same, Randhir says, "Everyone knows Karisma has always been a good mother. Her husband has been living with another woman. I was against this marriage since day one. The matter is sub judice and hence, I can't comment further. Eventually, the entire truth will come out."

The article reported that apparently Karisma denied Sunjay and his family access to meet the kids, though her lawyer Kranti Sathe refutes these allgations, saying, “That is such an obnoxious thing to say. Before making such allegations, Sunjay and his legal team forget that his daughter is now 11 years old. To see such accusations against her mother in the newspapers will be such a blow to her. Things like these damage the psyche of young ones from broken families.”






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