From Being Shy like her To being Trolled: 8 Things Suhana Khan Said in her Interview

From Being Shy like her To being Trolled: 8 Things Suhana Khan Said in her Interview

What we know of Suhana Khan from her first ever big interview
From Being Shy like her To being Trolled:  8  Things Suhana Khan Said in her Interview
Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan has landed her first Vogue cover and the internet is divided. The fact that Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter has been featured on a cover despite not having any film or ad to her credit has evoked some rather strong responses on social media though there have been plenty of support as well from fans who appreciate her sass and confidence. The cover was unveiled at the Vogue Beauty Awards in Mumbai by none other than proud dad Shah Rukh Khan.

It certainly isn’t easy being Suhana Khan though in the accompanying interview, the 18-year-old comes across as remarkably level-headed. Here are some of the things she said about ‘being Suhana Khan’:

1) She loves Dancing
"I absolutely loved shooting this cover. Especially the dancing shots. I love dancing. It was so much fun. I was excited when my parents brought it up. I wanted to say yes straight away, but they wanted me to think about it—this is a very public thing. They wanted me to gain confidence from the experience, not lose it.”

2) Being On her Own In London
Suhana is a student in London and she couldn’t be happier about living her own life. “Moving away at age 16 was the best decision of my life. Living in a different environment and meeting so many new people helped me gain a lot of confidence. It’s about being able to do the little things, like walk on the street or take the train—stuff that was so hard to do in Mumbai. But living away also made me appreciate home so much more.”

3) She Will Be An Actress
For the last couple of years, Suhana’s debut has been much discussed. It was always a question of when and not if. In the interview Suhana confirmed that she will be continuing Shah Rukh’s legacy. “I don’t think there was any one moment when I decided. Since I was young, I’d do all these accents and impressions. But my parents only realised I was serious about acting when they saw a performance of mine for the first time. I was playing Miranda in a school performance of The Tempest.”

4) Being Shah Rukh Khan’s Daughter
Already the cover is being discussed a lot on the internet which goes to show that it is not easy being Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter. Suhana realises it too. “ I realised quite early on that it was different for us. But I never really thought about my dad being famous. When I was about five, he would come and drop me to school, and people would point and stare. He wasn’t being addressed as Suhana’s dad, which is what I wanted. It confused me. He would want to hug me, and I would push him back in the car. I hated the attention, it made me very self-conscious.”

5) Shah Rukh is her best friend
Suhana is extremely close to her dad and in the interview she admitted that there is nothing that they don’t talk about.

6) Being Judged
Suhana is a huge social media celebrity and her pics are always shared and discussed. But it appears, the teenager is still coming to terms with her social media popularity and the inevitable judging that it brings. “I still find it hard because people feel like they can judge you. Especially on social media. Pictures from my private Instagram account get leaked. There are so many people talking about you. They don’t know you, and they don’t know what they’re talking about, but they’re just talking. And that can mess with your self-confidence. I keep telling myself that haters are going to hate, but I can’t honestly say that I don’t get upset by it. It’s annoying, but I keep telling myself other people have bigger problems.”

7) She has crooked fingers
In the Behind-the-scenes video Suhana shares the one thing that not many people know about her – she has crooked fingers.

8) She is Shy
Suhana was asked the coolest trait that she shares with her father. And her answer is surprising – she says she is shy like her dad though she admits it’s probably “not so cool”