Fresh and Flawess

Fresh and Flawess

Skip Botox and try the new alternative, the anti-ageing skin brand, Immupure

A huge hit in the U.S, Immupure, a unique and clinically proven anti-ageing skincare brand, has arrived in the region, offering a credible alternative to Botox and anti-ageing laser treatments. This natural, paraben-free skincare range has taken up position as one of the hottest brands on the market thanks to its immediate visible results and long-term rejuvenating effect on skin of all ages.

As well as being free of any mineral oils and perfumes, Immupure has one unique ingredient - Colostrum, the pre-milk generated by mammals in the first 24-72 hours of giving birth which is widely known to promote health and vitality of newborns.

Supplying the full range of B-complex vitamins immunoglobulin, growth factors
polypeptides, amino acids and minerals to reverse the ageing process, Immupure noticeably improves the skin's texture and will increase elasticity to visibly smooth wrinkles and restore a youthful radiance.

The sizes available are also airline compliant, so if you just can't part with your Immupure for a few hours, the kit can easily be taken onto the airplane!

For more information on where to purchase Immupure, call +971 50 4509803 or visit