Freida Pinto's beauty secrets revealed

Freida Pinto's beauty secrets revealed

Find out how the actress looks drop-dead gorgeous all the time

India's shining star Freida Pinto's dazzling smile is almost enviable. She stole the show when she walked the red carpet at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, held in the French Riviera.
In the midst of all the pomp and splendour, the brand ambassador of L'Oral Paris revealed all her beauty secrets. Read on to find out how Frieda stays gorgeous.

If you had just one word to describe the Cannes Film Festival?

"I would say it's a wonderland."

Do you remember your first make-up experience?

"Playing with my mother's lipstick. She wore no make-up but she had a single lipstick she forbade me to use, since I was only four or five years old. However, when she was not around I would play with it."

Can you share a family beauty secret with us?

"My mother always told me to put yogurt on my skin, especially on the face for hydration."

Is there an Indian beauty ritual that you favour the most?

"The head massage. In the Indian culture, a head massage is very common. So whenever I get free time I try going for one. It is definitely worth trying because it has a way of calming your mind."

When traveling, what are the essential fashion and beauty items that you never forget to put in your suitcase?

"A well-cut pair of jeans and a black dress. Beautiful lingerie is also a must-have. And for my face I trust L'oreal's products such as the L'Oral Paris Volume Collagen Mascara, Eyeliner and the lip balm. So they are always in my bag."

What does being a brand ambassador for L'Oral Paris mean to you?

"It means I am representing a brand that truly values women's worth. It means helping women feel empowered when they recognise their own beauty.