Four Side Effects of Waxing

Four Side Effects of Waxing

Skincare, beauty and cosmetology may all come at a price. Hair removal is a popular treatment but if you’re trying it for the first time, here are some of the side effects

Skincare, beauty and health is a huge industry which comprises a whole host of treatments, skincare products and cosmetics. Over the years, there has been a rise in the popularity of cosmetically ridding yourself of unwanted hair. This in turn has given rise to the development of many hair removal treatments, with waxing being one of the oldest and conventional ways of hair removal. Waxing maintains a steadfast loyalty for its ability to deliver smooth-skinned results for a long time.

But what is waxing really doing to your skin over a period of time? Every method of hair removal has some potential side-effects and waxing is no exception. As with all cosmetic treatments, this depends entirely on the individual to a certain extent. But it is also possible to help prevent certain side-effects by taking good care of the skin to be waxed.

Waxing remains popular because it is quick, inexpensive and provides longer lasting results; than say, shaving and hair removal creams. In the past few years, more and more is being done to make the process of hair removal as painless as possible. It can be done on most parts of the body and is now also common among men. Not only is waxing a form of hair removal, it is also a form of exfoliation that helps you get rid of dead cells; which leaves you with smoother, silkier skin.

Although waxing is a common and effective method of hair removal, there are still some side effects to consider and be aware of in advance. Generally, waxing is very safe. However, there are some potential problems that may occur. Some of these issues are very minor, but others can be quite serious, especially if you have sensitive skin or are taking certain medications.

1. Loss Of Skin Elasticity

Over a period of time, waxing can cause the skin to lose some of its suppleness and elasticity with all the pulling and stripping action. Once the skin loosens, the loss of elasticity can lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Redness and Irritation

Four Side Effects of Waxing

Possibly the most common side-effect of waxing, is redness and irritation. Right after getting waxed, it is likely that you will see some redness and your skin may become bumpy. The amount of irritation will depend on the sensitivity of the skin and the area from where the hair is being removed. For example, bikini waxing usually causes more redness than eyebrow waxing. The skin in this area is particularly sensitive as opposed to the skin on your face which is hardened by weather and the environment. Not only is the hair being removed from the follicle, but your skin is pulled quite hard when the cloth strip is ripped off. This tugging may result in redness and minor swelling.

3. Ingrown Hairs

Another common side effect of waxing, and many other forms of hair removal, is ingrown hairs. As the hair regrows, it becomes less dense and it can curl around becoming trapped in the skin. This is called an ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs can cause redness, rashes or become painful spot-like pimples. With waxing, hair is removed in the opposite direction of growth. This provides a smoother result, but also increases the chances of ingrown hairs. People with sensitive skin may be more susceptible to them too.

4. Allergic Reactions

Four Side Effects of Waxing

There are many different ingredients that go into creating wax. There are so many different kinds of wax that are now available in the market, ranging from cold wax to hot wax and fruit wax. You just need to find the right kind of wax that suits your skin. Allergic reactions may vary from very mild to quite severe. If you are new to waxing or if you are trying a new product, it is recommended that you test a small area first whenever you visit a new salon.

After rounding up the different side effects of waxing, be sure to go to a trusted salon or aesthetician for all your services.

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