Four Lip Smacking Thai Recipes from Pai Thai

Four Lip Smacking Thai Recipes from Pai Thai

In celebration of Songkran, Thailand’s most famous water festival, here are three delicious recipes for you to try.
Four Lip Smacking Thai Recipes from Pai Thai

Crispy Minced Fish, Sour Mango Salad, Coriander, Cashew Nuts, Lime Sauce

Sea bass fish fillet      300 g
Tempura flour   25 g
Salt                           3 g
White pepper powder  3 g
Thai mango   135 g
Red onion slice   5 g
Cashew nut    5 g
Coriander leaves     3 g

Ingredient for Sauce
Fish sauce       45 ml  
Lime juice 30 ml  
Sugar         30 g  

1) Place the whole fish fillet in a steamer until cooked well. Remember to remove the skin
2) Next chop the fish into small pieces and add salt, white pepper powder and tempura flour and mix well
3) Deep fry in medium heat oil until brown color and set aside.
4) To make the sauce, add all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir until incorporated well
5) Mix together the mango, onions, cashew nuts and coriander leaves to make a salad
6) Plate up all the dishes and coat with the sauce before serving

Crispy Crab and Prawns Money Bag, Water Chestnut, Coriander, Sweet Chili Sauce

Prawns remove shell  200 g
Crab meat    50 g
Coriander root    5 g
Salt     3 g
Sugar white    5 g
White pepper powder   3 g
Spring roll party    5 g
Yellow noodle    5 g

1)Chop the prawn and crab meat until minced to make stuffing, then add chopped coriander root, salt, sugar and white pepper powder. Mix well.
2)Take the spring roll pastry and roll is out before filling with the stuffing
3) Close the mouth of dough by tying with the rope made from rice noodle
4) Transfer to deep fried in hot oil until golden brown color and crispy.
5) Serve with sweet plum sauce.

Crispy Prawns, Creamy Red curry, Mango Ripe, Kaffir lime leave, Coriander, Red chili

Prawns   250 g
Sweet basil  3 g
Red chili                  5 g
Kaffire lime leaves 2 pcs
Thai mango rips  40 g

Ingredients for red curry sauce
Red curry paste    50 g
Vegetable oil     60 ml
Kaffire lime leaves 2 Pcs.
Coconut Milk  400 ml
Fish sauce (Thai) 30 ml
White sugar  30 g
Palm sugar  20 g
Salt   3 g

1. Stir-fried the red curry paste with vegetable oil until cooked well
2. Add Kefir Lime leaf, Coconut milk, Fish sauce, White sugar and Palm sugar before boiling for 5 minutes. Add the sweet mango and sweet basil.
3. Deep- fry the prawns until they are cooked well and turn golden brown.
4. Place the prawns on the plate and top with the curry sauce. Add a slice of Kefir lime leaf on top and serve

Wok Fried Tofu, Onion, Capsicum, Chili, Cashew Nut, Soya Sauce

Tofu form   200 g.
Capsicum Green    15 g.
Capsicum Red    15 g.
Capsicum Yellow    15 g.
Red Onion     15 g.
Cashew nut    5 g.
Garlic     3 g.
Oil    80 ml.
Ingredients for Sauce
Soya sauce   30 ml.
Dark soya   5 ml.
Sugar white   3 g.
White pepper powder

Cooking Method
1) Heat frying oil in the wok and deep fry the tofu until it turns a golden-brown color.
2) Heat cooking oil in the wok over medium heat and add garlic. Stir until fragrant then add capsicum and onion. Stir until cooked.
3) To create the sauce, place soya sauce, sugar, white pepper powder and dark soya sauce in a bowl. Stir until thick and add crispy tofu and cashew nuts.
4) Stir well and serve over the tofu

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