Forever Young

Forever Young

Say good-bye to your aging woes with La Prairie's new miracle in a jar!

Cellular Power Serum truly allows your skin to strengthen its natural defenses against free radical threats while acting as a battery supplying energy to your skin cells to repair existing damage. Utilising a natural anti-oxidant defense network, your skin works in four phases to combat oxidative stress.

It acts as a daily dose of power, energy and defense for skin, tapping into the skin's natural anti-oxidant self-defense network to activate the defense line and helping support it so that it remains in a constant state of alert and can function optimally. Essentially, Cellular Power Serum by La Prairie supplies your cells with a first line of defense and protection delivered with a boost of energy imploring your cells to combat oxidative stress and act as it did when it was younger.

Available at beauty counters across the UAE.
Price: Dhs2,100, 50ml
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