Follow These 5 Easy Steps for Healthy Hair

Follow These 5 Easy Steps for Healthy Hair

Secrets to a healthy mane by nutritionist Preetha Kiran Anchan, founder KYP Holistic n Beauty Center LLC

Follow These 5 Easy Steps for Healthy Hair

“Hair loss is daunting to most of us women. Genetics, hormonal conditions, diet, food deficiencies and nutrition affect us. But there are a few changes to your diet-lifestyle that can show results,” says nutritionist Preetha Kiran Anchan, Founder KYP Holistic n Beauty Center LLC.

Causes for hair loss

In most cases hair loss is irreversible, however, nutrition, hormone balance and stress also play important roles towards hair health. Longer periods of stress can induce significant changes in the immune system. Through a proper diet, we activate the role of the essential amino acid, l-lysine and Protein, both important for hair nourishment. Essential fatty acids then complement this nutritional program.

Eating disorders also causes deficiency of minerals and proteins affecting hair, so, too much sugar and processed foods can lead to a lack of minerals, in turn affecting hair health. Excessive intakes of nutritional supplements can also cause hair loss and are not recommended in the absence of a proven deficiency.

Precautions you can take

1)      Getting rid of all soft drinks, processed foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners will greatly improve the chances of hair follicle stimulation.

2)      Consider more exercise and yoga to help the body better cope with stress.

3)      Do regular checks to measure the levels of iron, thyroid, and vitamin D in your system. Get immediate treatment if you find anything abnormal.

4)      Include more fruits, vegetables and a variety of good quality proteins in your daily diet.

5)      The most important is to get a good night’s sleep.

Note: Low levels of the thyroid hormone can be a very common reason for hair loss. Evaluate your thyroid levels closely for any signs of deficiency by both lab tests and symptom evaluation. The thyroid gland needs minerals such as iodine, zinc and selenium to work effectively. If stress has been an issue, cortisol levels should also be evaluated with health of the hair and for stress, vitamin C and B complex can be very important

Also, be sure to get 1,000-2,000 mg of vitamin C and 5,000 mcg biotin per day. Take a B complex 1-2 times a day. Higher doses tend to be better for those with more stress.

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