Flora Saini, Actress Who Played the Ghost in ‘Stree’ Shares SHOCKING Pics of Abuse
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Flora Saini, Actress Who Played the Ghost in ‘Stree’ Shares SHOCKING Pics of Abuse

In the wake of the #metoo movement, Flora Saini has spoken up about the abuse she had to go

The #Metoo wave that has currently gripped India, ever since actress Tanushree Dutta opened up about the harassment she had to go through on the sets of Horn Ok Pleasss 10 years ago, has led several women opening up about their own experiences. One such post came from actress Flora Saini (also known as Asha Saini) who played the ghost in the blockbuster Stree.

Flora shared some shocking photographs on social media, of the abuse she faced in the past, by her boyfriend Gaurang Doshi, a producer who made the hit Amitabh Bachchan starrer Aankhen. The photographs show Flora with bruises on her face. The actress also detailed the abuse that she had faced at the hands of Gaurang who she was dating then. However, she called it quits when she fractured a jaw in an assault way back in 2007. 

Explaining why she didn't complain about it earlier, she says, "I realised me talking about it, that time, just went against me because he was the powerful one and nobody wanted to believe some girl who was relatively new in the industry. It was his word against mine and of course, his word mattered. He threatened me that he would make sure I never work in the industry again and much more. He did his best to make me believe it too. I was replaced in films, people didn't quite want to even meet me or let me audition.”

Flora’s domestic abuse story did get reported in the media but it never got the kind of attention that the issue is getting now. Similarly Tanushree too accused Bollywood of staying silent and not helping her when she faced abuse at the hands of Nana Patekar and the producers of the film.

Here is Flora’s Facebook post

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