Flight Attendant Meme Breaking the Internet Highlights Deep Societal Issue

Flight Attendant Meme Breaking the Internet Highlights Deep Societal Issue

Flight attendant meme has been breaking the internet and here’s how it has highlighted a deep societal issue. Read more below
 Flight Attendant Meme Breaking the Internet Highlights Deep Societal Issue

Twitter is basically a platform to express one’s view about various ongoing issues within the world, nations, and at times also within oneself. Although this online networking platform can be ruthless at times, the fact is that some of the wittiest memes also come from there. This is the reason why one comes across the famous Twitter memes shared on other forms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as well. These days a self-deprecating meme is circulating which is about the banter of an accomplished professional with his/her father who thinks his child made the wrong career choice.

Quoting Mashable, this meme started with a Twitter user Laura Gao , a product manager, about the hypothetical conversation between her dad and herself on a flight. The meme begins with:

Soon the meme went viral because many people could relate to a similar hypothetical situation as they had been ridiculed by their parents for their unconventional career choices.

The popular brand Pepsi also jumped onto the bandwagon hinting at their trademark advertisement campaign.
Even if you are a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences or Biology, it is highly unlikely that your dad would acknowledge that.

The former Australian Cricket captain Steve Smith took a hilarious dig at himself.

It is not all about one’s own parents. Why not have a laugh about the famous politician father-daughter duo Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi? Some users had a serious perspective. One son decided to give his dad a reality check! Does anyone need a podcast host?

But hey, there was a real doctor too. Hence, Dannile’s father could not help being proud of having a doctor son.
Those who did not participate in this meme still had their views of it.

Laura Gao who started the meme did not have an idea that her meme would go viral and her co-workers would know it.

She also urged the people to keep it fun.

This meme despite being funny reflected the general societal behavior about parents not approving their children’s choices. Although this exists in all cultures, desi cultures, in particular, have a clear take on it. Medicine and engineering have always been considered the most respectable professions due to the stability they bring to people from the middle class. However, the world has now changed and people are opting for unconventional careers even if those do not sit well with their dads.

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