Flexible Work Hours During Foggy Days Suggested By FNC Member

Flexible Work Hours During Foggy Days Suggested By FNC Member

A new law allowing flexible timings during bad weather was sought owning to the recent spate of accidents caused by thick fog

Prompted by a series of deadly road accidents when the roads in the UAE were enveloped by thick fog, a member of the Federal National Council has sought a new law that allows workers to be late during foggy weather. 
“If time is money as the proverb says lives of our people are more precious and successful people make time work for them,” Al Rahoumi told in a report in Gulf News. Hamad Ahmad Al Rahoumi, a member of the House from
Dubai, said that a law regulating flexible work hours across the country could actually be instrumental in averting fatalities caused by road accidents. 
The proposal crossed his mind as he was offering condolences to the family of a young Emirati who lost his life in a road accident in heavy fog recently, Al Rahoumi, a returning member to the council, said. Al Rahoumi argued even if such a law is manipulated by 10 per cent of workers, we will be saving the lives of 90 per cent of employees.
“Flexible work hours during bad weather must not be left to managers, it must rather be a mandatory law allowing employees to be late for work by two or three hours in the early morning … so, instead of going to work at 7 in the morning, employees should be allowed to go at 10am on foggy days,” Al Rahoumi said. “Going a bit late for work does not mean the loss of all work … employers still can make up for any loss by extending work for two or three hours at the end of the day,” Al Rahoumi added.
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